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I rarely write reviews. This might be my first on Moviepilot, in fact. But what an occasion to kick start my new career as a reviewer. [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) was .... wait for it... THE best action movie I've ever seen. I understand the gravity of my words, and I don't take this lightly. Yes, I've seen Predator, yes I've seen The Bourne Identity and Apocalypto and Die Hard and Fast and The Furious, so stop shaking your fist before you break it. Take a deep breath in, and our journey shall begin.

Question: What about the exposition... character development and back story?

Answer: Not necessary. The film bashes you over the head with non-stop action the whole way through, and let me tell you it never felt so good. There is the perfect balance between characterisation and hints at the events that lead to the current apocalyptic world we're thrown into, but not so much as to distract you from the heart-attack inducing action sequences. Actually, a disclaimer: if you have a heart condition, I don't recommend this movie. Everyone else, please stay with me.

Question: Why is it better than any other action movie then?

Answer: Because it achieves all of what I expect of a perfect action movie: it keeps my unwavering attention, manages to win my empathy towards not one, but 3 main protagonists with so few traditional story-telling elements, and all while driving maniacally through a post-apocalyptic desert waste land. Not bad, Miller! I would not compare this to psychologically-driven action movies like The Bourne Identity, (any) James Bond film, or Kingsman. What I commend this film on achieving is its dedication to straight up action with all the right ingredients to make me want to spend another 20 euro at IMAX.

Question: What if you're wrong?

Answer: I'm not, because it's my opinion. Thanks for listening :)

What's yours?


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