ByBrad Dee, writer at

Last month, I felt that this series had made a giant turn-around. From the start, this book has been all about the art, and less on the actual storyline. In actuality, the storyline was so minute that it was difficult to even comprehend what was going on half the time. The series focused on two Bucky's fighting a Crossbones from another reality to save the life of a princess that 616 Bucky had fallen in love with. It was small in terms of plots and could be seen in so many different movies/comics/games that nothing was special about it. Then, the last issue gave us a very interesting origin of Crossbones that I felt that the book had finally improved and was able to add to the art with a concrete storyline. Boy, was I wrong.

Sure, the art was still incredible, but literally nothing happened in this issue. To give spoilers would be impossible because the plot was invisible. Sure, we still had the great art that we have grown to expect from this series, but there was nothing else. To describe the story of this issue would be almost impossible. Here's the plot. Daisy rides a dinosaur. Screams "wow" like 13 times. Bucky and Old Man Bucky do some drugs for some reason. Ming bending but nothing happens. Look, there's Loki. The End!!! That's like making a Spider-man comic where Spidey has to get to Times Square to fight Electro, and we spend 20 pages of him swinging there saying "I gotta get to Times Square". Nothing happens this issue, and it hurts the flow of the book greatly.The dialogue is invisible also and I was able to finish this book in 3 pages. I actually thought I missed some pages when I read it because I was looking for some form of plot advancement. I give this issue a 3 out of 10, and it's all from the interior art. Bad comic.


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