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If you haven't guessed already, TNT are releasing their superhero show,based on one of the most popular hero groups, the 'Teen Titans', in which a Animated TV Series was made about them, in 2003. The (Teen) Titans, are a group made up of many young heroes,in the DCU.

Not much casting has really happened so far, but there's seriously so many characters, that i feel just NEED to be included in the show. I've listed some of my picks to be included in TNT's, 'Titans' TV show.


Blackfire, is the older, jealous sister of starfire. It's widely known that she has a pure hatred for her little sister, mainly because her birthrights of becoming the next princess of Tamaran, was given to Starfire, instead. Since then, Blackfire grew such a strong hatred for her, and resented Star a lot.

In the New 52, she's the queen of Tamaran ,but a prisoner to an ethnic group, called the 'Blight'. She gave Starfire in, as a treaty to protect the whole planet, but Starfire eventually comes back when her planet is under siege.

It would be pretty awesome to have her on the show, it could go really personal for a few episodes ,mainly about her and Starfire. In the Animated TV Series, she showed some sort of affection towards Robin (Dick Grayson), therefore causing a love triangle, now THAT would definitely be interesting to see.

The Fearsome Five / H.I.V.E

They are an ABSOLUTE classic, and I'd be so down to see them on the show! I mean ,who wouldn't?

The Fearsome Five are a group of supervillains, that was, in fact, originally formed by Doctor Light. At one point, they were all brainwashed / mind controlled by Psimon, he used them to destroy the entire world. Psimon was declared dead,after a battle with Trigon, but he was only sent to another dimension.

He desperately telepathically messaged the Fearsome Five for help. They eventually helped him, planning to kill him if he got out of control. The group eventually helped him, with their battle against the Teen Titans, however ,they were defeated.

The Fearsome Five are probably my favourite enemy of the Teen Titans. They have a long history with them ,but it seems that every time they battle them, The Fearsome Five somehow are almost always defeated. I'd love to see them as a more stronger team ,who would seriously have a better chance at defeating the Titans.


As a kid,she was one of my favorite heroes, I mean, she is seriously bad ass.

Argent is formerly known as one of the members of the Teen Titans. She was also briefly shown in the animated series "Teen Titans". Argent even initiated a drive of membership to keep the Teen Titans all together. If you compare her appearance there, to her one in the comics ,they are both utterly and COMPLETELY different, take a look.

Argent is a (underused) superhero with the power / ability entirely over (solid silver) plasma energy. It's said that her powers are similar of that of the green plasma energy from the Green Lantern's ring.

Her alter ego, Toni Monetti, is the daughter of a former american senator, who is from New Jersey. Toni was completely pampered , but at the age of 11, her skin started to somewhat become more pale,and silver. Her alien DNA was more or less, being portrayed on her,and beginning to show.

She hasn't exactly been seen on TV, or even any Animated TV shows, excluding the few episodes she was seen, in Teen Titans. Argent is basically underused,and seeing her emerge on the small screen would not only make her one of the more popular superheroes, but she wouldn't be as underused, I mean,she is AMAZING.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is probably one of THE most gifted-yet-super-dangerous character I've ever read about,he'd be PERFECT in 'Titans'!

Luthor is not only known as one of DC's most iconic villains, but he is also one of the most dangerous enemies to the Teen Titans,in particular, even though he is superman's arch-nemesis. This is because,he was able to convince Superboy to join him on his side,using his parental connection,with him.

Lex Luthor - Smallville.
Lex Luthor - Smallville.

He's been played, in the TV series 'Smallville', who was played by Michael Rosenbaum. Personally, I think he was just EXCELLENT in that,so why not have him portrayed again,but in Titans, as one of THEIR enemies,this time? I don't see why not.

Tempest (Aqualad)

We don't really get many underwater heroes on TV Shows,Tempest would be EPIC!

Tempest,who was formerly known as Aqualad,his alter ego, Garth, is an atlantean citizen, Aquaman's sidekick,and was also one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. Aqualad (Tempest) ventured to the surface,once his master/mentor, Aquaman married Mera,and there he met the Teen Titans,henceforth becoming one of the founders of it.

Garth and the other Titans had to regroup to save their friend and former member, Victor Stone ,from an alien influence. Since then,they decided to all regroup and bring back the Teen Titans,adding 5 more recruits,to the team.

As well as having super human strength (Obviously!), Garth also possesses a gas,which is body produces,that he uses to push out the pressure of the ocean,which allows him to survive in great depths!

Apart fromseeing him in animated TV series, I haven't seen Aqualad/Tempest show up on the 'small screen'. Having a hero from under the sea would seriously,be most intriguing.


She was such a backstabber,towards Beast Boy especially,but she was SUCH an interesting villain!

Terra is a super villain,a spy,and the former love interest of Beast boy. In the animated series 'Teen Titans',she betrayed all of the Titans,to train with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke,who not only taught her how to control her crazy powers,but he also, eventually turned her against all of the Teen Titans. In other words,he brainwashed her.

In her classic storyline, which is The Judas Contract,the ending is most tragic,in which were she dies.

She supposedly had powers over earth,and many of which are similar to Raven's,since she can also control the earth,so some extent. She was able to make rocks fly,mountains crumble,and the ground tremble,almost like an earthquake.Unsurprisingly,however,she doesn't have enough / any control over this power.

It's sad to say,that in the same 2003 TV show,her powers triggered off a MASSIVE volcanic eruption,that of which only she was able to stop. In the end, Terra (more or less) gave her life / sacrificed herself,to save the lives of everyone in the entire city,from being killed by a huge,volcanic eruption. Even after death,she still remained a huge part of Beast Boy's life. BUT, she apparently was reborn,but as another person,who,in the New 52,did,actually in fact become a hero,once again,and joined the new group of teenage runaways, The Ravagers.

To have her on the show would be truly remarkable,and,personally, I think she would be a truly memorable character,on it, considering her history with Beast Boy,and all. Considering she supposedly became a hero in The New 52,the controversy in her character would be most entertaining.


I don't think Bleez has ever been seen on TV,excluding her appearance on Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011-2013). I SERIOUSLY think she's such a badass character to be shown on 'Titans'.

Although she may not have any connection with the Teen Titans, she's still a totally badass supervillain, who became a red lantern, this happened when a member of the Sinestro cops murdered her mom,and tore off her wings. The station she was captured in went under attack,which was a good oppurtunity for her to escape,but only found herself lost in space,that's when her red lantern ring found her,which she used to kill him.

In Blackest Night,she and her Red Lantern Corps,along with other Corps,fought to defend Earth from the encroaching Black Lantern Corps,and a big threat, Nekron. You can see how much the red lantern ring has changed her,both physically and mentally.

Her original appearance.
Her original appearance.

Personally, not only do I think her storyline is SO complex it's amazingly 'interesting', it'd be good to see a villain who isn't originally associated with the Titans,come onto the show. However though, it's said that APPARENTLY she has some sort of connection with Argent, who is a former member of the Teen Titans.


Enigma is supposedly the Riddler's daughter,her character is quite controversial,since,not only has she been part of Teen Titans and Titans East,so she's been both their friend and their foe. She's also been the criminal partner of Duela Dent,who is The Joker's daughter.

At one point in the comics,she and Harley Quinn were actually able to mentally torture and torment Raven psychologically,by showing her many images of her past.

I think she would be,a particularly interesting villain/ anti-hero to see,and her connection with Raven, just like Blackfire and Starfire's

Titans East

AFTER the Fearsome Five,this badass team is literally,the best.

Titans East is a team,full of young supervillains.Formed by Deathstroke The Terminator himself, Titans East is a team,formed by former members of the Teen Titans,who's main purpose was,in fact,to destroy the Titans. In fact, Deathstroke swore revenge,since he thought that the Teen Titans had stolen his 2 children, Ravager and Jericho.

THIS version of Titans East hasn't really been seen on TV yet, but if they were to be on TNT's 'Titans' , I personally think everyone would be in for a real shocker,Titans vs Titans!


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