ByBrad Dee, writer at

When Frank Tiari wrte the first issue of the series, he left alot of questions that were due to be answered in the coming part. We were left wondering why Luthor would betray the Kingdom Come universe and we were left wondering who had been responsible for the death of Waller. Well, we do get the answers to those questions in this issue, but the writing and the art is so bad that we barely can tell what's going on from panel to panel.

This book was very strange to read, as the beginning and ending were very well executed. We saw what was going to happen at the start when the battle between the two forces took place, and we saw the ending where we discovered how the world saw the Suicide Squad as heroes(even though we all know different by this point), but the middle 16 pages was a jumbled mess. The action sequences were difficult to discern as Tom Mandrake had a difficult time placing so many characters on a single page. In addition, many of the characters served little to no purpose in the overall storyline. Take Bane for instance. Would this 2 part set have been any different if he was not in the comic at all? The characters were also so obvious from the start, as one after another a betrayal was seen and none of it was shocking. One thing that I was pleased with is that this was one of the only Convergence tie-ins that had a definite ending, and I give credit to the writer for doing that. Most of the others ended with a way of making us feel good about the characters involved. That was not the case here. I wish that the series was able tolast longer because the final issue put way to much into a short span, and that is probably what hurt it the most. I give this issue a 4 out of 10. It's not the worst of the tie-ins, but it's also not a book you may wanna reread down the road.


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