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Gender distinctions only exist because of merchandising and our entire culture is based on people buying into that marketing. Children have no such distinctions on their own. There are dozens of studies in child psychology that show children prefer toys which reflect their preferences. One example is baby dolls. It has been known from the 60s that when given the chance children 3 to 5 will have a desire to nurture an infant. The desire is 2 fold. First it is to emulate the parents from whom they have been learning their behavior sets. Second it is to show that they themselves are no longer infants but have a desire to be more in charge of what they do.
Another example is adolescent girls who have difficulties in finding suitable role models who are strong and capable rather than meek and submissive. The Hunger Games and movie like this which push this model type are popular with this group precisely because there are so few role models of this type in our culture. I mean the first female fighter pilot was only just recently announced where other countries have had women in combat roles for decades. Lastly, purely as a person that consumes comics, action movies and toy merchandise just how many variations of Superman or Captain America or Hawkeye or Batman does the toy world need. Go into the toy section of any store and you will find that the female figures if they exist are the most difficult to find and the first sold out. But you will always find lots of variations of the same character in the clearance bin. Variations that weren't even in the latest movie.


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