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This story contains spoilers from "Conquer" the season five finale of The Walking Dead.

There has been widespread speculation on whether Rick and Morgan reversed roles. That maybe Rick is the crazy guy and it's Morgans turn to help. I don't believe that, rather I think it's Morgan that still needs to be saved. Now remember, we have yet to see what happened with Morgan ever since he and Rick had that encounter in the episode "Clear." So my opinions are solely based off of what has been presented to us.

In the beginning of the episode, we see Morgan getting ready to start the day off right with some nutritious oat meal. A member of the "Wolves" approaches with a gun drawn and well, we know what happens next:

Morgan decides to spare the wolves even after they tried to kill him. Here, I can say that most of us saw a changed Morgan. During "Clear" when Rick encountered him, it looked like Morgan was not in touch with reality and after that whooping he put on the wolves I thought that he had most certainly changed. All though he did not directly kill the wolves, he had stuffed them in a car and honked the horn so the walkers can get him. I was almost certain the wolves were disposed of. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Turns out that Morgan lives by a new motto which I will get into shortly.

Later in the finale, Daryl and Aaron find a guy in a red poncho who seems quite resourceful. They see this and decide that he is fit to live in the community. Our recruiters lose sight of him shortly and decide to take a detour, one that would prove to be almost catastrophic. They stumble across huge trailers which they think is cans of food, but upon opening one of them, it ends up being an elaborate trap created by the wolves. As the walkers chase Daryl and Aaron, they decide to jump into a car and lock them selves in. Here's what transpires:

All life is precious, Daryl.

After hearing that, I realized that Morgan is not where he needs to be. He hasn't encountered the types of people Rick and company have. As you all know by now, Rick has been through so much: Lori dying, the governor, claimers, terminus, and Grady Hospital. Now throw in all the group members that have passed along his way to Alexandria and you will fully understand why Rick is the way he is now. It almost seems as though Rick has cleared a path for Morgan. Morgan letting the wolves live was a huge mistake. Season 6 should be a good one, I am almost certain Rick and Morgan will be at philosophical odds throughout the season. Rick isn't in need of saving, he is the clearest he's ever been and its time for Morgan to catch up.


Do you guys believe Morgan needs to change?


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