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Do not freak out. Arrow is not over. It WILL return in the fall for it's fourth season, despite the season finale feeling a lot like a series finale. While talking to a reporter for E! Online, Stephen Amell admitted that not even he knew in which direction Arrow will go in. But does know one thing, he says, "Arrow is done. No more Arrow suit. I've worn it for the last time."

Oliver Queen has gone through some different suits this season. He got a upgrade from Cisco when he was in town during the Arrow / Flash crossover, and then he ditched his traditional green for a new, League of Assassins edition suit. If Oliver is not going back to his traditional green suit, then what's in store for The Emerald Archer?

DC Comics
DC Comics

It's possible that season four of Arrow will introduce Green Arrow, along with a new suit and gear. Green Arrow is Oliver Queen's alter ego in the comics. The Arrow we know from the show isn't exactly the witty, sarcastic Green Arrow we know from the comics. Since Arrow is expected to run about five years, some viewers have expected that it would take a while for the serious Oliver to loosen up. Luckily, Felicity left town with Oliver, and if anyone is going to have any success in loosening Oliver from his old ways, it's her.


Do you want Oliver to get a new suit, or should he stick to his old one?



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