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Fuller House isn’t the only thing the beloved John Stamos will be appearing in soon. FOX has picked up a new series called Grandfathered, which also stars the hilarious Josh Peck. Stamos plays Jimmy, a restaurant owner and bachelor who has always wanted a family. And he gets one faster than he expected when one day a guy named Gerald (Peck) comes to him and tells him that he’s Jimmy son. And not only that, but Gerald has a daughter, making Jimmy not only a father but a grandfather too!

Others in the series include Christina Milian, Paget Brewster, Ravi Patel, and Kelly Jenrette. Daniel Chun created the series, and is responsible for writing episodes of The Simpsons and The Office. Grandfathered is set to premiere in Fall 2015.

I’m super excited to see this series, and am so happy that Stamos and Peck are returning for a new show. Until then, enjoy the trailer! (And the cameo from another Full House vet.)


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