Byrajib malik, writer at

Toby Maguire as everyone had known it was the original Spiderman. When thinking of the friendly neighbourhood Spidey there could only be one face in mind- Toby Maguire. Some may argue that he was melodramatic but I think he balanced the mindset of being a nerdy teenager and having super `spidey` strengths. Along with this in a new movie he will be able to show Spiderman in a new light revealing a more matured Maguire as well as Peter Parker himself. News of him starring in a new film would automatically attract a massive amount of attention in the media and this is obviously beneficial to Sony financially, which is essentially the main concern. As long as Maguire is up for the role, I don't think anybody what want anything more out of the tales of Spidey and New York City...


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