ByPaige Richards, writer at

I honestly will not watch the Spider-man movies if Andrew is not Spider-man.

Andrew is the most fit to be Spider-man first he has the image of Peter Parker. To be honest in the first movie I thought the 28 year old Andrew Garfield pulled off the 17 year old Peter. He looked young and topped it off with his spectacular acting, and amazing love for Emma Stone also known as Gwen Stacy. Rumor has it that Asa Butterfield is to play the next Spider-man in 2017 and in Civil War in 2016. Although Asa Butterfield is a terrific actor and he is young he does not fit the part for Spider-man. Asa Butterfield's body shape is to skinny and weak to pull off Spider-man. Also rumor has it that Shailene Woodley is to play Peter's next love interest Mary-Jane, Shailene is 23 years old and Asa is 18 years old. Although that age difference is not big I still think that its not appropriate for the to be the cast. I feel and many others believe that Marvel should just keep Andrew Garfield.


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