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Lets just keep it short i like action movies,basketball and the out doors.
Destin Clemmons

The suicide squad so far is looking like one of the most insane movies ever mainly because we finally get to see a story about the enemy's point of view rather then always watching movies about super heroes. Hollywood has also been addicted to sequels which can be very frustrating at times in my opinion. They need to stretch out ideas and step up the game up. Now don't get me wrong some movies out there i am very ok with seeing a sequel after sequel but the majority of movies now days really need to lay some of there materials to rest. Alright now back to suicide squad, they have obviously already announced the cast for the big team and i'm just gonna point out right now that Will Smith as dead shot has got to be the most brilliant thing. People have been complaining about the color which i don't understand why. The way i look at it we are all the same and Smith is a great actor, some of you guys really need to chill out. Harley Quinn who is played by Margret Robbie i am a bit worried. Not because of the actress herself but the way her image is set for this movie. I understand a lot of the costumes we see Harley Quinn wear in the comics are a bit small and skimpy but overall they really aren't that bad to look at. But knowing Hollywood and they way they work she is nearly half naked on set along with a rain scene they purposely giver her a white tee to get wet in....Come on really? That is so unnecessary. Sometimes i wonder if they even care about the younger readers that want to see this. That's just my opinion though, either way i will still be looking forward to this movie. One thing i hope they do is focus on more action then romance i mean this is a SUICIDE SQUAD!! i wanna see explosions lots of fighting not love dove crap. A little is ok but alot of these super human movies fill it up with so much romance to the point were it just kills the mood. I want them to focus on the core of the story,working with the government, seeing different missions and cut this sugar and spice stuff. The day they do that better the entertainment industry will be. I'm not 100% familiar with the suicide squad but it has caught my attention and i will still be studying the origin story which i may go in a more detailed in depth post of this movie later on.I From the looks of it a of now i do believe between this film and batman v superman will be the true fresh start of DC's cinematic universe because without these movies i don't think they can stand a chance against marvel i mean lets be real here for some of you marvel haters its so true but i do enjoy both universes and still hoping to get a cross over video game one day! I've got really high expectations for this movie and very confident its gonna be great for this movie. So tell me your thoughts on suicide squad are you looking forward to it? Share share share!!


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