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Less than a year left, and we'll be seeing one of the most historic moments in superhero history... Batman and Superman facing off on the big screen! You and your friends are so excited to see it. Everyone's excited to see it!

Well... not everyone. As it turns out (and some of you may already know), there are those that aren't as excited for Batman V Superman. In fact, they think that the idea is stupid! Perhaps you're one of these people, and it's okay to think that. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. However...

Opinions are never stated as just opinions.

Normally in life, when someone states their opinion, they state it as fact... and they will make sure that others believe it. I understand that everyone's different, and maybe their are those who really just state their opinions as just opinions (and I commend you), but that still doesn't hide the fact that certain fans will clutter the Internet with videos, articles, and even just comments on such, saying that BvS will be stupid, as if it is fact and not opinion.

I would like to address these individuals, and state why they may be wrong (may be wrong, we haven't actually seen the movie yet). Here are some reasons why it is poor to judge BvS already:

#1 — It is simply wrong to judge a movie that isn't even released yet

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Let's put it this way: Say that it is May 3rd of 2012, and you meet a fellow Marvel fan. You're so excited for The Avengers, since it is released tomorrow. However, your fan friend isn't so excited. He thinks that it will be stupid, because he is unfamiliar with Joss Whedon (or perhaps he is and just doesn't like his work). The next day arrives and The Avengers does incredible in the box office. The fan friend was just proven wrong... way wrong! in fact, The Avengers is ranked the 3rd highest-grossing movie of all time!

This scenario is similar to what we're going through right now. True, I have no memory of anyone that I know being aware of The Avengers and not being excited for it. However, some DC fans think that BvS will not be good... and it's possible that they're right. However, they could be wrong too, which would only go to show that you shouldn't believe that a movie is going to be a disaster before anyone has actually seen the final result. Is it alright to think that a movie may not turn out good? Yes. Does that mean that it will not turn out good? No. Your opinion is not fact for the movie's quality. It is just your opinion. So, that means that you shouldn't assert your opinion as fact (unless there is undeniable fact to back it up).

#2 — Just because a movie looks like it is doing something that has failed in the past does not mean that it is actually doing it

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I'm aware of popular opinion that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a disaster, due to it being stretched out with so many characters and different stories. Even though I like the movie anyway, I can see what they're talking about. That doesn't mean that BvS will be the same - whether it be in movie elements or the critical response.

In fact, I'm rather certain that BvS will not be the same as Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here's why:

  • It's DC Comics we're talking about - storytelling with DC Comics is normally very different from Marvel.
  • Unlike The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there may actually be a central focus for the story (while in TAS2, there were around three different stories happening at once, with equal attention given to each one).
  • There actually isn't much to stretch the focus of the movie for.

Let me explain that last one. There are multiple Justice League characters in the movie, and they deserve to get some attention. However, not only is the movie partially titled "Batman V Superman," but also the other characters seem to be more supportive than main characters. Don't get me wrong, I still expect to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman do some fighting in the movie themselves, but they may not actually get the same amount of attention as Batman and Superman. Besides, that's what the Justice League movie is for (unless they decide to focus on different characters then). Of course, this is just my opinion. I may be wrong in the end.

#3 — Batman V Superman may be a movie that can be taken seriously

This reason for defending BvS is probably the most ironic to say since DC Comics had just established a reputation for serious stories and the much-disapproved "no-jokes policy." However, that doesn't deny the fact that even with the direction that DC is heading with their cinematic universe, there is still some room for the movies to be a little cheesy.

My bases for DC potential cheesiness comes from DC's past with making movies. For example, while I actually like Superman Returns, there should have been more done with Superman, such as him facing off against some evil robot or Lex Luthor firing a kryptonite-gun (like the one that was in that LEGO set, but of course smaller in size). For a Superman movie it was a little too dramatic. Also, I'm not a very big fan of Tim Burton's adaptation of Batman, mainly due to him making the villains just plain weird and non-believable (however I do think that Batman from 1989 was a little more believable). I'm not going to delve that much into Green Lantern because I haven't seen it, but I've heard that it had very corny action. Anyway, you see where I'm getting at.

However, that was the past, and DC may not repeat the past. They have pretty much already covered why Batman will be fighting Superman just with the trailer, so we can rest assured that they will not be fighting for no reason. Also, we still don't know everything about the movie, such as who Scoot McNairy will be playing as, or if Doomsday will be the cause for the formation of the Justice League, so either actor/character could be the cause of Batman and Superman burying the hatchet and deciding to fight side-by-side against evil. Also, it's a contemporary take on Batman, which means that it will be serious and completely void of uncomfortable Batman smiles.

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Again, we don't anything for sure about the outcome of the story, but DC may not make the same mistakes again (possibly) and might actually keep it believable.

So those are just some of my reasons as to why no one should judge Batman V Superman just yet. If I may note, nobody should judge any Movies or TV Shows until they have actually seen them first (just my opinion).

Be sure to post any extra reasons or any disagreements with the reasons in the comments section below!


What do you think. Is it too early to judge Batman V Superman?


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