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Season four of ABC's Once Upon A Time just ended, and already season five has been confirmed by one of the show's creators, Adam Horowitz. The exciting news was announced on his twitter page @AdamHorowitzLA .

Season 5 of is officially a go! Thank you all for your support! Excited to bring you more!

A confirmation of season 5 obviously excites fans, including myself, so much so that there are already some theories going around for what will happen next or what to expect. One that has been standing out so far is the identity of Lily's father.

Viewers of the show know that Lily is Maleficent's daughter, but people are suspecting that her father is none other than the great sorcerer, Merlin.

a still from BBC's Merlin
a still from BBC's Merlin

I'll mention this because I'm pretty sure it doesn't give away any spoilers, but somewhere in the season four finale Lily reveals to Emma a crescent moon shaped necklace that is apparently a clue to who Lily's father is. So, Emma agrees to help Lily find him in Storybrooke.

I am actually hoping this is true. It is not just because it will make an interesting story line, but because I can see Merlin as Lily's dad.

Let's think of it this way. BBC's television series, Merlin gave their titular character the ability to talk to dragons.

If Once plans to go in that sort of direction, then the idea of Merlin and Maleficent being a couple would make sense. Maleficent can turn into a dragon, and our favorite wizard has to be able to talk to his girlfriend somehow.

Fans have even suggested that Forever's Ioan Gruffudd could play Merlin in the series. Sounds like a smart choice to me.

Of course, no one can be certain who Lily's father is until Once Upon a Time returns in the fall. It is certain that creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have great things planned for the series.

It's probably a little more reminiscent, in a way to season one, where a condition [was set out] that magic is coming, versus having a new villain of the year or a journey to a different world. It'll be in a slightly different way, but hopefully just as earthshaking or changing than we've ever done, if not more so.

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