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Again Ironman and Captain America are the two most popular guys in marvel to date. I already feel that Marvel has shaped Tony to perfectly fill his role in Civil War, and if you want to find out how click here.

Now we already have an A-list cast appearing on the show, with the inclusion of the Hulk being even more awesome. But the question still remains who will side with who when Civil War hits theaters.

I believe that my educated guesses have given me a pretty clear view on which hero will side with which side in Civil War.

The Hulk

The Hulk was amazing in the Avengers. I believe that he will side with Cap, only because that would create instant friction between the science bros. He also feels that the government could never handle superheroes, or super powered individuals, since that was basically all the Incredible Hulk was about. If he came back it would launch so many awesome things. For example General Ross or this guy...

He could come back, and have instant on screen chemistry with the Hulk since they were both in the Incredible Hulk back when Edward Norton was still dawning the purple boxers.

And we could possibly see the general turn into...

Yes the Red Hulk! He is awesome, and the general is awesome, so why not? Tony's side need's someone to fight against the Hulk, so why not the Red Hulk?

It could also bring back...

The Abomination

There was talk of him appearing in the Avengers, but I feel that if he was in this movie, on Tony's side it would not only be awesome, but it would bring some much needed muscle and power to Tony's team which would match up to the Hulk's

So the question is.. Could we see the Abomination or Red Hulk or both?

The Falcon

There is no doubt in my mind that this guy will go against Stark. He is one of Cap's most trustworthy guys, and will continue to be.

War Machine

Same thing as Falcon. Is loyal to Tony, and will stay loyal to him.

Black Widow

She knows first hand what the government could do, since she played a key role in the Winter Soldier. So I expect Black Widow to side with Cap, and again once Banner returns she will probably snap out of her bad mood.

The Vision

It is imperative that the Vision sides with Tony. Again he was born because Tony created Ultron. He knows that heroes cannot handle themselves. If he sides with Tony he could set up something awesome.

The Return of Quicksilver

Remember the Stone that is lodged into the Vision's forehead. Well that can be used to bend reality or in other words bring people back to life. I feel that this is the best way to bring the blue speedster back into the MCU. Aaron is a great actor, and don't forget has signed a multi-movie deal with Marvel. Who you didn't see that coming eh? Also it would launch an awesome story arc between Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Scarlet Witch

What a story arc this would be. They would be on opposite sides, and don't worry they wouldn't be rivals. They would just see things differently and even though Wanda will be ecstatic to see Pietro again she will realize that her loyalty is with Cap. And Quicksilver's is with Tony.


No way he sides with Cap. Cap and Falcon took him out like three times over the course of Winter Soldier? Yea... I just hope he dawns the mask this time around.


This guy I'm less and less sure about. Cap could find him, and he and Bucky could face Tony as a united front. Or.. Tony could find him, and make him realize that his side is the side to fight for. Also if you think about it Bucky is the only one who can match Cap when it comes to speed, and strength except the Hulk of course.


I don't think he's going to be on any side. Wait.. what did the crazy author just say!?!?

Yes I feel that Hawkeye will act as a buffer between the two sides. He has a family and kids, and he will do whatever it takes to protect them, and one of those duties is making sure the world they are going into is safe.


I believe that this popular hero will side with Cap, as he did in the comics. He's going to have a big role I just can't figure out what it is yet.

Black Panther

Another newbie will join the fight. I believe Black Panther will fight alongside Tony. One because Marvel would want to even it out, and two because Tony would first find him and convince him.

So what do you think? Share below.


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