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Ana Kendrick and the Bellas return for the second chapter in the Pitch Perfect saga. This time they are joined by David Cross, Snoop Dogg, Reggie Watts, John Hodgman, Keegan-Michael Key and many more. Also returning is Elizabeth Banks in her role as Gail the commentator, and this time she is also taking the reins, and sitting in the Director's chair.

While this movie, like the first one, is aimed more at a younger audience, it is certainly funny enough to entertain everyone. Plus, I guarantee you will leave with a song stuck in your head, if you want it there or not.

Three years after the first film, the young ladies are banned from competing due to a wardrobe malfunction during the President's birthday party, live on national television. To gain back their standing in the acapella community they set out to win the World Championship, which they had already been invited, prior to the mishap. This time the main competition for the Bellas hail from Germany, and I will not be able to listen to 'Muse' again without thinking about a German accent.

At about the half way point in the movie, the team gets a secret invite, but they don't know where to. They go to the address and discover it is an acapella battle royale. This proves to be the funniest part of the flick, with the best cameos.

This movie has a fantastic cast and it is highly entertaining. I say, "See it" and preferably with a crowd. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments and comedy is always best shared.


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