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There are few moments where you feel bored and you think of something to do to kill your boredom but you can't think what to. These are one of the most appropriate timings where you can enjoy watching short films. A short film is not just about showcasing a well captured scenario through a camera, but it is also about providing you some entertainment as well.

Check out top 10 short films which are must watch !

10. El Encargardo (The Person In Charge)

This beautiful short film of just 8:21 time duration is very sweet. It is shot in black and white and directed by Spanish directors Nacho Vigalondo and Sergio Berrejon. This film will definitely remind you of one of your school days where you felt the dread of getting bullied by your bully.

9. Lights Out

This horror short film is one hell of a short which gives you the feeling of goosebumps and terror in just 2:42 time duration. Yes, it is just a simple depiction of a scenario but... man, oh man! The way it is directed is simply amazing. How can you scare someone in this short amount of time with a film? This is the answer.

8. 2+2 = 5

This little gem here is a very thought triggering short. It depends upon the way you watch it and then perceive it. Different interpretations can be made of the same video. Some link this video with the thoughts of how people are made to believe in a religion and god by imposing thoughts on them of their own and how many people just follow the crowd blindly by watching many others being imposed already by them. One major theme of this video is destruction of rational thought as a prominent idea. This one was nominated for best short film at the BAFTA awards 2012.

7. Alone

This post apocalyptic short film is what showcases how actually things are going to be if you were to be the only survivor left after the raging apocalypse. The idea might make you think that you will be able to enjoy your freedom and do whatever you want to... but the reality is something else. With just over 6 minutes, this film shows you that reality.

6. The Black Hole

This short film is very interesting, especially the way it ends. I absolutely loved the concept of this short, and it was executed very well. For this concept to be used in creating a short film of a mere three minutes, the director did justice to the content. It is hilarious at one point while showing you how a power can be used by differing individuals.

5. He Dies At The End

How tension is created in a short or a movie should be taught by giving an example of this short film. Oh, what an amazing film to make with such a small budget. The film scares you with the tension it builds and makes you lose yourself in the short very well. On one evening an individual gets a pop-up on his computer screen with a statement proclaiming, "Someday you will die, to find out click here..."

You will either, in the end, have two types of reactions: the first one will be you getting shit-scared like I did and the second reaction of yours will be to laugh or to think what the hell was that? The majority experienced the first one, making this short so good. How about you try it out for yourself?

4. 2 AM Smiling Man

How can something as pretty as a smile scare the living hell out of you? What if you encounter someone creepy in the wee morning hours out of nowhere? This short of 4:09 duration is stunning. I loved the background score of this short as well. Watch it at night for its very creepy value.

3. Safe Heaven from V/H/S 2

Watch the complete film if you want to for encountering some nice horror segments directed by A-list directors, but this short is just as good. It is directed by Gareth Evans who is also the director of the cult hit The Raid Redemption and The Raid 2. So, yes, you can easily expect bloodbaths from this one. This short covers it all, it's the best horror short in my opinion. Have patience as it is a slow burner but once things heat up, they are going to start to get crazy and it will hit you hard in the face. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. This short is not available on YouTube, but you can watch this film with a quick Google.

2. 7:35 de la Manana

This is an Oscar nominated short film directed by Nacho Vigalondo and is shot in black and white. As it is in Spanish, watch it with subtitles - they are provided. The storyline of this short is very nice and the ending is also stunning. Not much I want to reveal about this one, so just go watch it!

1. Six Shooters

This Oscar winning short of 27:00 duration is simply hilarious with dark humor at its heart. The film definitely has one of the best catharsis for the viewer in the end. A black and bloody Irish comedy about a sad train journey where an older man, whose wife has died that morning, encounters a strange - and possibly psychotic - young oddball... Watch it yourself and I am sure you will realize exactly why I have given this one was the first ranking on my top 10 list. This film is directed by Martin McDonagh and if you have seen In Bruges, which is one of the best black comedy films starring Collin Farrell, then you know what to expect from this incredible short.


Which short did you like the most?


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