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Exiting news for marvel fans!

Spoiler alert for "Captain America Winter soldier" and "Captain America Civil War".

It has long been rumored that Frank Grillo would return in "Captain America 3: Civil War". He played hydra agent in disguise as shield agent. I think he was one of the cooler villains in winter soldier. At the end of the movie, he was burned and heavily injured after a helicarrier crashed into shield headquarters.

In the Civil War comics, Crossbones is the one who kill Steve Rogers (Captain America). We don't know if this will happen in the movie. After Steve dies, Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) steps in, and becomes the new Captain America.

Frank Grillo is confirmed to return in Civil War, and set photos have started to go around on the internet. Take a look yourself!

Frank Grillo is hiding his injured face behind that iconic mask, with his "crossbones" on the chest. He also has new tech on his arms, don't know what it will do, but it looks very cool! Can't wait to see Civil War!

I think Frank Grillo is a great actor. A lot of people didn't like "The purge: Anarchy", but I liked it, and think he was great in it.

Captain America: Civil War comes out May 6, 2016!

What do you think about Crossbones new suit? Let me know!


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