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if you have not read vol 1 go read it and for all who have read vol 1 this is darker.


slade fighting batman
slade fighting batman

I was the one who shot at Deadshot and Candy so yeah.I need to get away from Wayne. He's a monster and a douche. I have to kill dead shot for him to stop trying to kill me. It's kill or be killed.I am not on a job I just want to get rid of Floyd. Candy sees me and I shoot at her.Floyd trying to get out. If I reach him he dies. If I don't he lives. Candy thinks I killed Loose Lips. I did not kill him just to make that clear I actually liked him I really don't know who killed him. I take a shot and I hit someone. I don't have time to look. I HAVE TO GO. When I see a window I just jump. And I make it. But Wayne is after me so I have to send encrypted messages.


candy reacts to her new group
candy reacts to her new group

He shot Tracy my only friend. Slade will die. I might be crazy trying to kill the greatest assassin in the world or Deathstroke.If he has the nerve I hope cobble pot can die. If I die he has this cute redhead called Carly so his fine. I walk out and then I walk until I collapse. When I wake up I see Black mask and Tim drake. And that little weasel Deadshot tied up.I laugh but I was heard by The Shadow his army running I panic and leave Floyd behind he dies but we leave. I can't believe I had to sacrifice him but if my life depends on it I will happily kill anyone. Harley won't be happy after she hears this. But who cares?


Black mask angry at his gang
Black mask angry at his gang

Black mask slapped Candy and hit her until she was heavily bruised because she killed deadshot. He explained that he could wipe out penguin's gang with deadshot but she killed him. Then he kicked her unconscious and said that doctor Thomas Elliott is part of penguin's group and is trying to kill him using his knowledge of identity theft. Then a coded message is sent and it says 182214 123127. Run away if decrypted. Black mask knew that if it was sent that Wayne has finally found him and he needs a savour. 69144 21145 is what Black mask sent to deathstroke. He said to his gang that Hush must be killed and they should get to work if they favour having their faces.


anarky vs Bruce
anarky vs Bruce

Shit the shadow has found us. To live I have to sacrifice someone from my group or I will die.So I grab a crowbar and hit my second in command to save my group which are scarecrow,Ivy and catwoman. I see Harley and Walter fighting the guards. "I know why they came." They came for Ivy. As long as I live I'm happy. No The Shadow shot my men dead so I am alone They are all gone except for Selina I yell for her to save me but she keeps going but she hears me. I shoot my final bullet and hit her in her leg.Some how she drags herself out and safe I am going to die because of that bitch what a bitch. I pray that god will spare my soul then Bruce offers me a place in his regime and I get to kill Selina and I accept.


ivy welcoming her new group
ivy welcoming her new group

I happily greet Walter and Harley. They tell me we need bane to join because he is strong has an RPG and can kill Bruce. I tell them I shall consider which is true but I might say no. They seem determent. But crane instantly gets angry and says Walter is a crazy person. So that makes Walter to jump at Scarecrow but he sprays his fear gas in Walter's face. Harley concerned that Walter might die she runs over to him which implies that she truly cares or that she just needs him to get close to Bane which will not go well they will certainly get us in a bit of trouble costing a few lives. But he is alone so what could go wrong.


I grab a knife and I stab Black mask in his eye had pull it out. He gets angry and tries to hit me but I tell him"Payback is best served cold." So he understands why I did that and he thanks me for being strong but tells me if Bruce comes after my ass I am going to have to run to live or fight to die and damaging him so the rest of us can kill him and I nod. I tell him Ivy's group is going to try to persuade Bane to join them. He just says he knows. I go and start talking to Tim drake and he tells me he thinks he can kill Bruce Wayne I simply laugh and say "He taught you what you know but he didn't teach you everything he knows." He just says that he will kill Bruce and if I didn't like it I can leave. I just told him I would love for that to work. He thanks me and leaves. I go to Black mask's office I give him a massage while trying to find out his code.


69144 21145 Which means find Bane. which is crazy. I see Bruce and Talia watching me. I send Black mask this 2085 2120 919 85185. Talia attacks me but I hit her in her head with my Bo staff and she just falls down and screams. I just shoot her in her head. Bruce jumps at me with a lot of rage which makes him sloppy so I easily beat him. He is next to Talia crying over her death but with the only lazarus pit destroyed by the Shadow she is truly dead. Then the Shadow jumps at me which makes me fall. We fight but he is winning because I am exhausted and he is a Talon. I throw him off a skyscraper which won't kill him. I run away from those three and find a group of three 1 man 1 girl and 1 little girl.


I have to find Slade and Bruce will fall if he keeps being cocky which is dumb. His actions just got Talia dead. If I have to I will kill Bruce. I send him a vision of all those who are dead to haunt him so he can focus which will be good if he does. I may sound like a traitor but I want to wipe out these meta humans.


I try to sleep but I can't. I start seeing those who died. Which taunt me. Jim appears and says: "really Bruce I can't believe that you have finally fell to his level. Dick appears and yells at me for saving Branden instead of him. The joker starts to laugh at me and I yell back that he is the one that's dead and he replies your bat shit crazy remember.pun intended. Talia appears to be crying. I vow to kill them. Slade is first.


which group is your fave?


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