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Hans Paglinawan

Pitch Perfect 2 is the sequel to the blockbuster movie, Pitch Perfect. This time, it features the Barden Bellas from the first movie going from the National Intercollegiate to the International A Capella Competition. Sounds big right? Well that is because the movie is big itself.

The movie starts off the same way the first one started, with the a capella version of the Universal Pictures title music. This time, the two commentators from the first movie do it. The setting is the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts where one of the characters experience a funny wardrobe malfunction. This is where the movie starts its main conflict.

The main focus of the movie was the two protagonists, Beca Mitchell from the first movie and Emily Junk, a newcomer and a daughter of a former-Barden Bella.

The two characters were portrayed by Anna Kendrick and Hailee Steinfield. They were two good actresses and their characters were very well-defined by the script too. Absolutely no problems with the both of them for me.

The rest of the cast from the first film was present in the second too. I felt that the new character, Florencia Fuentes (Chrissie Fit) and her black humor really gave big laughs to the people in the cinema. She was not just an additional character. She was witty, script-balanced and was special in her own way.

However, certain characters like Stacie Conrad (Alexis Knapp) and Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean) was given less spotlight for the other characters. In spite of this, their characters was still justified because of their short but funny lines. And as usual, the characters Ashley and Jessica was barely given a line and it was even a joke about their own characters not getting enough screen time. Lily Onakurama (Hana Mae Lee) was more on the musical numbers than in the script but was still pretty funny in her scenes.

The real-spotlight stealer here was Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) and Bumper (Adam DeVine). They managed to make a story arc of their own without much difficulty because of their natural acting and well-delivered lines. Also, they are given a duet in the middle part of the movie.

The story of the sequel was better than the first movie. The first movie was more of like a standard but well-executed movie when the second was more unique in terms of script and quality. Kudos to the script-writer, Kay Cannon for making such a script that did not rely on its predecessor for ideas. The second one was able to balance story, character development and song executions properly. The jokes of the second one was funnier too.

The ending part of the movie was good too because the emotion of the whole scene was felt by the viewer themselves.

The songs used for this movie was a balance of modern and classics. It also featured many songs and amazing mash-ups for the song sequences.

However, there were some problems about the first part of the film as some parts of it were lacking in humor but was still worthy to be put in the movie. Also, the romantic story of Benjamin Applebaum (Ben Platt) and Emily Junk was a little forced and was pretty awkward to be honest.

Over-all, I give this movie a 9.3 for good acting, story, and song sequences. It was also better than its predecessor. Call me cheap or anything but this sequel was definitely a good one not just for fans but also with new watchers. I can't also wait for a possible next movie.


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