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Hey everyone!

So, recently Moviepilot's awesome creator Ian Simpson, started an epic game called and I am of those lucky people who were tagged by Ian for playing it!

So the story Ian made is as follows -

In this sci-fi thriller, a female human bounty hunter named Kell is on a job when she finds a mysterious gemstone that seems to hold space itself inside. She the gem brings nothing but trouble to her (naturally) and she is soon picked up by a foreign starship that takes her away from Earth.

The pilot of the ship, a scoundrel named Aris, informs her that the gem is one of the building blocks of creation, and is the gem is reunited with the other two of its kind, the wielder will be able to reforge the universe at will. Together, they search to find the remaining two gems before an evil reptilian creature named Vraiz can seize the power for himself.

So here it goes-

Kell Summers

A spunky young 26 year old that is known to be a terrific bounty hunter. She is not one to shy away from danger, and she has proven her bravery and prowess in battle.

No words to say. This description is MEANT for JLaw only!


A 29 year old rebellious male with a love for combat. He always carries his trusty sword, which he certainly knows how to use. He's calm but confident, and able to handle any challenge that comes his way.

With the description Ian has given for Aris, I can perfectly imagine awesome fight scenes with Aris delivering punches and kicks. Taron Egerton makes the best Aris for me.


Am I the only one who thinks that Mark Hamill can perfectly portray a guy who's description says -

The typical power-hungry maniac who not only wants to rule the world, but change it to his liking


Pip's description goes like -

A young girl that stows away on the ship part-way through the film. She yearns for adventure, and wants to prove that she can fend for herself.

Now, I don't know whether by young Ian meant a kid or something similar but If we are talking about a teen who is restricted from seeing the world and taking new adventures, Chloe Mortez will do justice to the role!


Yes, this is Lara Fylnn Boyle and she can do justice to the role of Tarsa. She is highly experienced and she can do the role with ease. Her role in MIB, gave me shivers and she can do that here too. Her bio is as follows -

Vraiz's lieutenant, Tarsa is cold and calculating. She never makes a decision before first weighing all possible outcome

Elric Arr

Elric is Kell's cousin who comes after her once she goes missing. Little does she know that he has made an arrangement with Vraiz to acquire the gem by any means necessary.

I can't think of any one playing this role except Garfield.

That's it!

Well, I couldn't talk about why I am choosing a particular actor in great detail because I am have tons of work to do these days. It may be the holiday season, but for an aspiring film director, there are no holidays. I hope I have not failed Ian Simpson, and If I did, I am sorry for that.

Anyways, this is it guys! I hope you liked it and yeah, don't forget to follow me!


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