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So, today I'm writing an analysis of who'd win, between the Justice League vs the Avengers. I'm going to start by saying I have favourites on both sides of the Marvel and DC line, and some of those among them actually lose on this list. Anyway, let's begin.

Flash vs. Quicksilver

So, I figured it was best to start with the identically laid out guys. The Flash has to win this as, simply put, he's faster. Quicksilver is fast, but I don't ever recall him running fast enough to phase or time travel. So year, 1-0 Justice League.

Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

This one is extremely close. They both have near identical skillsets, near identical equipment, and near limitless resources, Green Arrow because he's a billionaire and Hawkeye because he's a SHIELD agent. However, here I need to award the point to Hawkeye, as actual military training will likely top self-taught on an island. 1 All.

Wonder Woman vs Thor

This one is extremely close; both have the powers of a god, both are nigh invulnerable, and both are back benched by a tech guy and over-patriotic guy. On top of this, while Wonder Woman has her gauntlets that deflect anything, lasso of truth and invisible plane, Thor has Mjonir. Therefore, I'm calling it a tie. 2 All.

Batman vs. Iron Man

Now, here's where one of my favorites loses. While Batman is amazing, and would totally destroy Iron Man in a fight with plenty of prep time, in a fight that started there and then, Iron Man wins. Therefore, 3 - 2 Avengers.

Superman vs Captain America

It's a guy with the power to literally move a planet vs a guy in the American flag. If I were pandering to US patriotism, I'd be making Cap's shield out of Kryptonite. But I'm not, as I feel Cap already has too many advantages thrown his way. 3 All, Superman wins by a landslide.

Martian Manhunter vs The Vision

Here's another tough one for me. Mostly because the one who loses is a favorite of mine. So let's look at this logically; Vision and the Manhunter can both fly, phase, have mental powers and fire energy blasts, as well as possessing enhanced strength compared with a Human. However, it would only take the Manhunter sneaking up on Vision and phasing through him, obliterating the technology as he's been shown able to do in the past, to render the Vision essentially dead. So, much as I want to take the approach from Age of Ultron which I won't mention to avoid spoilers but would give Vision a decisive edge, I can't as this is a comparison of comic versions. 4 - 3 Justice League.

And the Winner is:

The Justice League! We didn't have a "Batman pwns everyone" scenario (though if I were taking a biased approach, Batman would've started by beating Thor with his own hammer, because he'd totally be worthy and would probable wield it better) but we did end up with a narrow edge from the Justice League. Now, a few DC vs Marvel honorable mentions:

Red Hood vs Winter Soldier

I was going to do Robin (Dick Grayson) vs Bucky, but it occurred that Bucky Barnes has more in common with Jason Todd now. It'd be close, because, whilst Bucky has cybernetic enhancements, Jason possesses training from Batman, which would arguably dominate the training of Captain America Bucky recieved. However, the Winter Soldier easily possesses better equipment than Red Hood, and should they get into a fist fight, that robot arm would allow him to totally dominate Jason. Winter Soldier wins.

Superboy vs Spider-Man

Okay, so this match up is more based on the mash up that Marvel and DC did during the Amalgum run. Superboy is by far the more powerful of the two, but Spider-Man is more intelligent, and has his spider sense to boot. However, he is not faster than a speeding bullet, so Superboy wins.

Lex Luthor vs Red Skull

This is easy; if Red Skull has the Cosmic Cube, Lex is done. If not, the Skull is due to Lex's power suit. Tie.

Joker vs Green Goblin

And finally, the battle of the totally insane psychopaths. While Joker is brilliant in his own way, he lacks Norman Osborne's genius and technical prowess. Plus, it's safe to assume that Joker gas wouldn't get through the Goblin's mask, and if it did, Osborne's enhancements would probably beat it. Plus, there's that glider, and with no spider sense to tell him to dodge it, the Joker would be run through. Green Goblin wins.


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