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Andreas Eggen

Daniel Craig to star in "The Force Awakens"

It has been confirmed that Daniel Craig will be in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"! He will be playing a STORMTROOPER.

The news come from Simon Pegg, who told "The Sun News Paper" at the premiere of "Man Up". He was asked if he was going to play a stormtrooper, and answered "I wasn't a stormtrooper. Daniel Craig, he was a stormtrooper. Then he added "I Shouldn't have said that".

That also means we may see Simon Pegg in Star Wars, but we still don't know who he will be playing.

Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, Spectre
Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond, Spectre

The rumor came back in september, that he would be in the movie. Currently he is filming the next installment of The James Bond series. James Bond Spectre, coming November 2015. It is shooting in Pinewood studios in London, alongside with "The Force Awakens".

Lets just hope he will be the first stormtrooper to ever hit something!

I am a big fan of Craig, and this makes me very excited! What about you? Let me know!


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