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The 8 haunted bridges. I would still cross them. I'm not afraid of what people say to try to scare other people. I'm not afraid of ghosts either. As a kid i have lived in 3 haunted houses, me and my family was watching tv down stairs and we heard something like furniture being moved around up stairs, my dad asked me to go see what was making that noise, at the time i was 6 years old i didn't want to go up stairs, but my dad assured me there is nothing to be afraid of so i went up to go take a look and nothing, there was no furniture moved or anything. One night when we were sleeping we heard the tv come on and the video game playing so me and my step brother went downstairs to see if dad was playing the game, but when we got down we seen the game controller floating in mid air, i opened my mouth to speak and the ghost heard me and threw the controller at us so we ran back up stairs and went to our rooms and locked our doors until daylight. The ghosts that i have encountered in my lifetime have never tried to hurt me, they are just looking for someone that can speak to them and help them find what they are looking for so they can cross over to a better realm not the agonizing and brutal realm they died in. Some choose to stay so they can be a warning but they all want the same thing only the living can find out what they are looking for. Only the living can help them. I might have been scared of ghosts as a kid but now I'm an adult and not scared anymore. The story about that house i lived in is the old man that owned it hung himself in the attic because his wife died of cancer and he wanted to be with her. After he died the bank took the house and sold it to a new owner. I know how they feel when they lose something they love, i too have lost something i love very much. My name is jackson and i have been diagnosed pretty recently with M.S. it has no cure and i used to have a good job and i used to walk to work everyday, then out of the blue one day i was so sick i didn't know what was wrong so i went to the doctor and they told me the great news, lol. So now i can't work and i can't do alot of walking around without getting sick to my stomach, i still don't know why i am getting so sick and neither do the doctors. I worked at pizza hut this month would have been 5 years working there, i was one of the best cooks there earned a good rep. Anymore i wish i was dead at least i wouldent have to live through this agonizing disease that is preventing me from doing anything i love doing. I'm sorry about the rambling on about me. I need help and everyone looks at the internet, if anyone has M.S. and is going through or has been through the same uncontrollable throwing up and unable to keep anything down, e-mail me at [email protected], if you can help then i am in deep appreciation of you. If you cant help then thats ok to at least have someone talk to me that can help, thank you very much, I'm only 31 years old and on tv i have only heard about the elderly getting this disease, it's not even in my family history so how did i get it?


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