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Maze Runner

Let's start with saying I'm a big fan of THG, TMR and Divergent, but some of them is better than the other:

The Hunger Games series is the best of them because it is so unique and breathtaking. The characters are so great and, you know... It is also important because of its political message. And the movies are soooooooo fantastic.

The Maze Runner series is very unique too. Let's just say you won't find anything like it. This also have great and likeable characters. The movie is soooooooo good and I can't wait for the second movie. Yey!!!!!!

Divergens is great too, but THG and TMR is much, much better. Divergent is great because it has an interesting plot and pretty likeable characters. The reason why THG and TMR is better is that the characters in Divergent is less likeable. The society makes less sense and the simulation thing just makes no sense, but despite that Divergent is great.

But, as you can see, I like THG and TMR better.

1. The Hunger Games.

2. The Maze Runner.

3. Divergent.


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