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Chappie is movie about a robot with self consciousness. I know this sounds very familiar but trust me IT IS NOT. This review is filled with spoilers so if you haven't seen it don't read it.

Okay let's start. There are police scouts or police droids that fight against the crime. Their inventor is guy named Dion. He also works on program that will make robots self aware. When he finished program he didn't get permission to install it into working scout so he had to found broken one, Scout 22 who's battery can only last five days. But he is being kidnapped by some gangsters. He installs program into Scout 22 and it worked. They call him Chappie . So guys that's how this adventure begins.

This was very good movie by my standards. Best thing about it is that you don't look at Chappie like robot but you look at him like an innocent child. I don't remember when i watched movie in which I liked robot so much, he isn't man put into machine, he is real robot who is just like a real person.

This movie had really heartbreaking scenes. Most heartbreaking scene was when his "Daddy" leaves him with those people and just goes of. They beat him, set him on fire, they just do horrible things. When you look at that you just can't stop thinking about Chappie like a little child being abused by bullies and you just want to help him.

Character development in this movie is something that I was not happy about. Only character that got character development was Chappie, all others were not that much important. We have three gangstas which are important but we don't get to know anything about them, we have Hugh Jackman who would do anything just to deploy his Moose, we also have Dion who is to us just a maker. Worst character development was that guy that "Mommy" and "Daddy" owed money to, that was just pure badly character development.

Everything other in movie was great. Visuals were stunning, droids looked like they were on the set of the movie. Explosions were great also. Script was one of the best things and dialogues of the movie.

Just another thing that I didn't like about it is the ending. I loved that Chappie and Dion survived but his "Mommy" also? When Chappie came to life it was like creation of something brand new, creating life, but at the ending life was reduced to something small. It seems like everyone could live forever just transport it's consciousness in other body. If only Chappie or Dion stayed alive that would be sad but great ending to a great movie, because of it I will give it this rating.

To sum it up, I really liked this movie but it also had it's weak sides. It's weak sides are character development and it's ending, everything else is great. Comment what you liked about Chappie.


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