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Professional commercial photographer loves taking pictures of cosplay artists
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Few weeks ago I came across really cool trailer of a upcoming movie Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, and now they are making it into a live action movie.

When I saw the trailer I browsed trough my cosplay images I've taken in various Comic Cons and found couple of nice images portraying these heroes in this movie and started making my own "fan art" movie poster for the image on the basis of the original movie poster.

I knew I could do basically all the other stuff to the picture but I was definitely in need a matte painter to draw me that Titan monster coming trough the wall. So this was great opportunity to contact another great artist Lacey James Foster to be part of this project and make it our own collaboration.

I met Lacey in Cardiff Film & Comic Con where he was dressed up as Dante from Devil May cry. We had a good chat and after that we have been in contact and admiring work what the other is doing.

So I pitched the idea of the poster to Lacey and started making my part of the image. When I was happy with my part (people, city, fire, depris), I sent the Photoshop file to Lacey and he did his magic to the image, painting the monster and the back wall. He then returned the PSD file back to me and I made small final touches and we were done.

This is what Lacey had to say about the project.

I joined the project because I came across Antti's work upon a recommendation from friends in the photography and cosplay community. I was blow away with how professional and amazing Antti's portfolio is, I had to meet this guy. We met at a comic con. And I had my picture taken, we spoke a little and exchanged details. The following day I saw the picture taken of me, it was EPIC! I knew we had to work together. Both being creatives but in different fields, we could try and combine our unique skill sets and see what we could produce, so this project was our chance. And I must say the skys the limit to what we can do together.

I quickly matte painted a foundation. Searching for photographs and textures from my personal collection along with many useful images and textures Antti provided me with from his own collection, I combined these with minimal manipulation and simplistic brush and editing work. Then came painting in that Titan. I studied the anatomy and physical presence of these amazing creatures from the anime and gave my best shot at creating that sense of power and physical enormity along with that giant like monster feel. With a little splash of terror in the form of some careful lighting and further brush work I had achieved my very own Titan.


Final thougts

This was really cool project to see what kind of art you can create together with another great artist. I think we managed to create something really special together. And Im sure we will work together sometime in the future, our talents complete each other. I think we both would love do these also for real movies, so we will see when the right opportunities comes our way :D

Here is the final movie poster we did together and also another piece done by Lacey. Hope you like them.

Attack on Titan movie poster by Antti & Lacey
Attack on Titan movie poster by Antti & Lacey
Attack on Titan fan art by Lacey James Foster
Attack on Titan fan art by Lacey James Foster

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