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I own every issue of Grendel and Deadpool. I am a veteran aswell.
Keith Cal

Some of you may know the legendary Matt Wagner who has helped write and draw many series, from Batman, Zorro, Sandman, Green Hornet and The Terminator. He is also the creator of Grendel and Mage. He has made many Grendel comics but the one that I love the most is called War Child. It has Won "Best Finite Series/Limited Series" Eisner Award, in 1993, it was also nominated for "Best Inker" Eisner Award. This is a great graphic novel for you all to check out especially if you love epic tales. It would be cool to see this made into a movie.

Just look how beautiful the artwork is here, so much color and heart put into it.

The cover art for this mini series is amazing aswell!

So the main character goes by Grendel Prime. He fights zombies, vampires, mutants, pirates, biker gangs, and a evil empire....just knowing that all this is in the story should have your attention right away!

I hope you guys check this comic out I know many of you will enjoy it!


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