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I think i may have finally figured out what they are planning for both the DCU and DCTVU and its actually kind of genius. We know that DC has said that they are keeping the 2 universes separate but they seem to be introducing many of the same characters. only not. My thoughts are this we already know the DCU movies are heading towards a Justice League Story, (Here's hoping it is amazing as i have been waiting years for a live action JLA) so what if the DCTVU is heading towards a Justice Society story line.

Here's my thoughts. I always wondered why they had chosen the Barry Allen Flash for the TV show instead of Wally West. My best guess is they are saving Wally West for the Justice League, it could also explain the rumors of John Diggle Actually ending up being John Stewart(which has not yet been confirmed but it has not also been denied so do with that what you will). Which would allow for Hal Jordan to stay on the JLA in the movie verse.

With DC's Legends of Tomorrow it seems a lot more likely now, with the Introduction of Hawk Girl, we know there is the Atom, and with rumors flying that the CW is trying to pick up the cancelled Constantine, it would be a good way for them to Introduce Dr. Fate.

Dr. Fate
Dr. Fate

I wrote another article about them Story Arc for Season 1 of the flash possibly heading to a Flashpoint finale, and With the most recent trailer showing that it looks like Barry does in fact save his mom, I am even more convinced of it now. If that's the case it would explain why the Arrow finale seemed a lot more like a Series Finale, simply put next season everything is going to be different because Barry changes the past. It makes more sense because now Oliver can Be the Green Arrow instead of just the Arrow, and he can still own Queen industries, (unless Felicity is going to Sign Palmer Industries back over to Oliver in the wake of what looks to have been the Death of Ray Palmer(even though we know that is not the case)

With them keeping the Justice League In the movies and the Justice Society on TV it lets them have 2 completely separate universes that can reference each other but never have to actually co-exist. Evidence of this is the reference in the Arrow finale about the Ferris Air test pilot who went missing, this was obviously a reference to Hal Jordan.

I don't know am i reading too much into things and completely off my rocker or might i be on to something. Let me know in the comments below. What are you thoughts on Season 4 of Arrow, Season 2 of Flash and the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow?


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