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In over fifty years, Spider-Man has stayed relatively unchanged in the long term as far as his costume goes. There have, however, been some really fantastic alternate costumes our favorite web-slinger has had throughout the decades, costumes that could actually look pretty fantastic on movie screens. Unfortunately, filmmakers seem to be married to the classic red and blue, which is great, but with the exception of The Amazing Spider-Man and the symbiote costume from Spider-Man 3, we haven't seen much deviation on movie screens. Thanks to the Internet and Photoshop, however, we can see what some of those costumes could look like on screen. Here are just five of the best.

Ben Reilly as Spider-Man


Whatever your opinion of the Clone Saga from the mid-90s, and for most fans the opinions aren't very high, you have to admit that when the Spider-Clone (or was he the original?) took over for a retiring Peter Parker (or maybe he was the clone?), he made the costume a little bit cooler. While retaining everything that was iconic about the suit, Ben Reilly made some really great changes. There were even some definite inspirations that from this costume that made their way into the Amazing Spider-Man costume, before the costume was reverted to the original design for the sequel.

Ben Reilly as Scarlet Spider

I am a huge fan of the original Scarlet Spider. I kind of wish this character had been allowed to stay in the Marvel Universe after all that clone business. A lot of fans hate this costume, but I just absolutely love it. I love the hoodie, I love the webshooters on the outside of the gloves, I just love it. I, for one, am really hoping to see our MCU Spider-Man sporting this outfit as the obviously home made version Kevin Feige has alluded to.

Kaine Parker as Scarlet Spider

I'm not really familiar with this version of the Scarlet Spider, mostly because I hate that this character has that name but no hoodie and I've completely avoided this title since it debuted. Hoodie or not, however, there is something very unique and interesting of the Kaine Parker version of the character, and from the looks of this manip, it could be real interesting to see portrayed on screen.

Miles Morales as Ultimate Spider-Man

I'm not too familiar with Miles either. I didn't really like Ultimate Spider-Man when it started, so had quite reading long before Miles Morales, and long before the Ultimate Clone saga as well. This costume and the Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider costume are very interesting to look at side-by-side, mostly because they seem to be very similar but reversed. Both have traded in the blue for black, but whereas the Scarlet Spider is red with black trim, Miles has gone for a predominantly black suit with just some red highlights. As popular as this character is, we actually may see this costume in a film before any of the others.

Spider-Man 2099

I loved the original 2099 line back in the 90s. I wasn't much into Doom or Ravage, but I loved Spider-Man, the X-Men, Punisher and Ghost Rider. This is the movie I would most want to see, mostly because I think a far future superhero is a concept that has been mostly ignored, unless you count Judge Dredd. What boggles my mind, however, is that people want it and we still don't have it. I know there is a huge fan base out there that wants a Batman Beyond movie, and I am quite sure that same audience would jump on a 2099 movie, especially if it's Spider-Man. Judging by the vast amounts of people hoping Miles Morales would have been the MCU Spider-Man, I really just think fans are kind of sick of seeing Peter Parker on movie screens. That character has been tainted, and maybe Marvel can revive him, but only time will tell on that.

There you have it, some of the best Photoshops I've seen of some alternate Spidey outfits. What alternate version of Spider-Man do you most hope to see on movie screens? Sound off in the comments.


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