ByNatasha Behzad, writer at

My ex boyfriend lacked empathy, he was a compulsive lier, in fact used to lie so much that he admitted that it was hard for him to tell the truth. He often spoke of child abuse and even made up a story about the death of his biological mother and that he used to get tortured by his step mother as well as father which i later found out to be a white lie. He did these things to gain sympathy. He also had depraved sexual fantasies and even told me a disgusting story about Necrophilia. He has manipulated many of his girlfriends in the past to extract money . And he didn't have feelings. He was aggressive, arrogant and at times used to abuse me mentally and physically. He didn't have or was incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. I had been in a five relationship with him. And it was more than hell! It was later that i found out about his earlier misadventure with other men and women. He is beyond usual evil and when i look back to those horrific time i have spent with him i feel, in fact believe that i had been in a relationship with a psychopath! And he has all the potential to become a serial killer.


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