ByFrancoise Nina-z Frenchy Edwards, writer at

I was 11 when Mad Max 2: Road Warrior came out and 15 when Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was released. The first Mad Max was before I was conscious of it. At age 15, Beyond Thunderdome was a hit movie, Mel Gibson was a heart throb and Tina Turner was in the midst of her '80s resurgence so naturally I looked at the Mad Max: Fury Road trailers with prejudice. I had nothing better to do so I went to see it as I was curious about Nicholas Hoult's character, Nux. The questions swirling in my mind were " Is there a continued story?, Should I be remembering something from Thunderdome? That was so long ago, what's this about again?" BAM! This movie began full throttle! It was one Fun, Fast, Fiery Hard Rock, Skeleton Ride! Seeing this in 3-D was such a GREAT choice! There was so much to fly into your face like rocks, fire, blood, metal things. Tom Hardy as Max was not an unpleasant choice but I must say, although he did a good job, I thought Imperator Furiosa played by Charlize Theron could have been named "MAD MAXINE"! Furiosa came across as the really MAD one as far as anger is concerned. Nux was the MAD as in "CRAZY" one and the most interesting of all the characters. This movie is surprising, gross, disgusting, sexy, action-packed, dirty and the only thing as parched as the land they lived in was the appetite you left with to wonder about what's next. Does it matter if you've seen the past movies? Not at all. What a Lovely Day! What a MAD day!


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