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Armin Arlert was born on a cold November night. As soon as Armin was born, his mother, Liana, looked at him before resting her head back on to the sweat-drenched pillow, and demanding that the baby be taken away.

The midwife stopped what she was doing and looked at Liana. "M-Ms. Arlert, you can't be serious! this child is your only heir!"

Liana glared at the midwife. "Yes, I am quite sure. Now be rid of it. His father and grandfather live in Shingashina district. Take him there if you must."

The midwife scooped up the baby and bowed to Liana before bustling away.

The young midwife wrapped the fair baby in a soft cotton blanket and hurried to the orphanage. As soon as she reached the door, she dropped the baby on the stoop and rang the bell before leaving quickly, leaving behind Armin and a note she had written.

To whom it may concern. This child's name is Armin Arlert, and he is but one day old. Please entrust this child to someone who will care and love it, preferably his father, in Shingashina district.

Five years later

Armin ran down the stairs, squealing with laughter.

The young child's father chasing him, growling like a bear. "Rawwwr, I'm a scary scary titan that's gonna eat you up, Armin!"

Armin tried to jump down the last few stairs but slipped and tumbled down.

" Oh no, Armin, I'm sorry!" He said as he ran down the stairs and scooped up the little boy.

Armin sobbed into his father's shoulder.

His father shushed him. "It's okay, Armin, It's just a little boo-boo."

Armin sniffed and looked up at his father.

"Daddy, my knee hurts.." He said, lower lip trembling.

Just then, Armin's step mother came in, drying her hands on a towel.

"What happened, dear?" She said, walking over and kneeling down by Armin and looking at his knee. "Oh my...We'll have to take him over to the Jaeger's, and have Kalura take a look at him."

Armin's step mother knocked on the Jaeger's door, Armin sniffing and holding her hand. Soon enough, the door opened, revealing a boy about the same age as Armin, with dark brown hair and large, curious chocolate eyes.

"Hi, Eren," Said Armin's mother "Is your mother home?"

Eren nodded and closed the door with a quiet click. A few seconds later, A thin woman that looked like Eren came to the door.

"Hi Kalura, Armin fell down, and I was just wondering if you could take a look at him?" Asked Armin's step mother, smiling softly.

"Oh! Why, of course!" Said Kalura "Come on in."

The Arlerts were led to homey kitchen, where Kalura had Armin sit on the table. "How and where did he fall?" Asked Kalura, looking at Armin's step mother.

"He jumped down the stairs." She replied.

Kalura laughed and walked back over to Armin, and within minuets had fixed up the young boy.

Four years later

Armin looked out the window at the young girl that was with Eren and Eren's father, Grisha. Armin later learned that her name was Mikasa. They played together, from the beginning of the day to the end. Armin would constantly wonder about what was outside the walls of the city, and be bullied for it, only to be rescued by Mikasa.

Four Years later

Armin was being bullied again by some kids that barely knew him. The biggest of them was hold Armin against the wall, while the smaller two pinched and mocked him. Armin was barely saved by the timely appearance of Eren and Mikasa, who appeared just as the bullies were starting to punch him. The year was 845, and the great Titans would destroy the city in only a mere half hour. This was the fall of humanity, and the beginning of and epic story.


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