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Robin Walter White Smith

As of August gust 2014 I've had batman arkham knight pre ordered, I'm so excited about this game as I'm a huge arkham fan i literally counting down the days till it comes out here is a list of top 5 things I'm looking forward to.

1: Playing as Robin

yes i know you already have played as robin in arkham city but not properly just in the steel mill which don't get me wrong it was awesome but still wasn't close to enough hopefully we also get to drive the batmobile with robin which brings me to my next point.

2: Driving the Batmobile

This has been something I've wanted to since i was a little kid in nappies drive the batmobile i mean who hasn't pft don't lie to yourself you know you want to anyway now that we can do that it's gonna be a better way of getting around gotham instead of gliding my way round it's gonna be awesome.

3: The Batcave

I really hope rocksteady include the batcave considering it is in the trailer I'm guessing it is and boy oh boy am i looking forward to see it hopefully it has the batmobile sitting out like arkham orgins has the batwing sitting out

4: Wayne Manor

Also hoping to make an appearance is wayne manor which i would love to explore, one that has many entrances to the batcave plllllleeeaaasseee let it happen

And last but not least

5: Arkham Knight

That's right the arkham knight himself i can't wait to find out who's under that mask but i also wanna see how his character grows during the game from the trailer he looks badass with his "ironman" like suit or armour what ever it is but he also seemed to put the fight to batman

Let me know why you're excited for [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936)


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