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So as the title suggest I am in my emotions and kind of stuck in my own head today, not that it really matters but a lot of things are happening around me right now that have me thinking about the past and the future. This post will concentrate on the past, and if your still reading I have a question for you.

What is your earliest childhood memory???

For me its an easy answer, when I was 5 years old my Grandmother Leola took me to see "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and to this day it is one of my all time favorite movies. You may say things like "you were 5 how can you remember that?" and normally I would agree with you. I had this conversation with my wife and outside of kindergarten she can't remember a thing from being that young. But I remember seeing this movie like it was yesterday. Not only is it a great memory of a wonderful time that I spent with my Grandmother (God rest her soul), but it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and it was spectacular. The second movie I saw in theaters was "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" and that blew my mind for another reason but different story...

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" came out June 22nd 1988, just a few weeks after my 5th birthday, and this movie had everything I could ever hope to see in my short lived life. Action, comedy, romance (for the ewww cooties shouts i would give it), drama, mystery every thing. Now you may again be looking at me crazy but Roger Rabbit was a deep movie, I'm serious!

First and foremost it had a villain that till this day his eyes still give me the creeps.

Looking at it now its pretty silly, but at 5 this scared the crap out of me and till this day i still kind of get the willy's when I see it. But this guy when he said "Remember me Eddie when I killed your brother I TALKED JUST LIKE THISSSSSSSSSS!" God that high pitched shriek scared the crap out of me, seriously my heart started racing as I typed it.

Next Roger Rabbit was doing crossovers and shared universes long before Marvel and the Avengers made it cool... Need proof, okay check out these images of some of Hollywood's biggest stars in history.

Look at that crowd and look at the two front runners, Joss Whedon can't even get Captain America and Wolverine in the same movie but director Robert Zemeckis got Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny to get their crews together and share the same screen tell me now that Fox and Disney can't get an official Avengers Vs X-Men movie made now.

To add to the awesomeness of this movie it had so many jokes and comments that at the time I could have never comprehended but now I'm like Grandma you should be ashamed of yourself to let me watch that. Most notably is just about every scene that featured the beautiful constructed Jessica Rabbit who since this movie has gone on to become an icon in her own right.

Jessica Rabbit's "Booby Trap" aside this character gave off so many pheromones I'm shocked she didn't have Pepe Le Pew chasing her the entire movie. To this day woman all over the world still try and imitate her every essence and now matter how you feel about her personally Yaya Han may be the closest I have ever seen to a real life version of the character.

But I can't complain to much because she said it best...

And finally to top it all off not only was this a timeless classic of a movie, but it had a pretty awesome video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It had everything, from driving around in the taxi whose name escapes me at the moment, running from the weasels, and stopping the Judge from unleashing the dip truck on toon town. I'm serious if I ever come across this game again I will quit life and dedicate my everything into mastering it.

Okay that was my trip down memory lane but before I go whats your all time favorite movie please share in the comments, and here is a scene that always made me laugh. Thanks for reading guys.


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