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Get used to seeing this guy around, he's headed straight to the top! I'm talking about Colton Haynes, the 26 year old from Wichita, Kansas. If you're fans of TEEN WOLF and ARROW then you already know. If you haven't then let's talk about what's getting him there!

The first time I can say Colton Haynes really caught some serious heat was when he portrayed High School Lacrosse villain Jackson Whittemore in MTV's TEEN WOLF.

A role where at first you hated Jackson because of his ego and aggression toward poor teammate turned Alpha Werewolf Scott, but then felt bad when in an attempt to become a Werewolf like Scott-he was turned into a lizard monster called the Kanima. In the end, he got his wish only to then take an extended hiatus when his parents moved him away.

Jackson could be seen again as rumors of Colton Haynes returning to Teen Wolf are growing stronger since the end of this season of CW's Arrow. Colton has a lot more acting depth now to upgrade jackson into bad ass Werewolf villain who can bring a lot of hurt.

Colton Haynes run as DC Superhero ARSENAL on the CW was exceptional. He came across as the troubled young man who discovered the hero inside after battling through the effects of a super serum very well. The anger and suffering that Roy Harper experienced during the struggle with the Mirakuru and the incredible regret after the events of that night was well captured with the work Colton Haynes did on the show.

This year you saw ARSENAL grow to become the hero fans expected. Unfortunately, Roy Harper sacrificed his identity to protect Oliver Queen by staging a fake death and bidding adieu to the team.

Fans are really going to miss seeing ARSENAL on-screen full time- a testament to the work Colton Haynes brings to a project. There is doubt we will see ARSENAL again as this character became part of the formula that made ARROW such a great show on the CW.

Movie star looks, an exciting resume of acting work make this 26yr old someone to watch in the future. I see more superhero work as well as some great drama like this summers SAN ANDREAS working alongside the ROCK! Dwayne Johnson!

Colton stars as one of the fire rescue heroes trying to save lives as the San Andreas fault line opens up and swallows Los Angeles whole!

Likable by fans worldwide, this guy will be someone to watch! Colton Haynes has arrived!


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