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I have exeperienced a few encounters from spirits. I know if I pray it keeps them away and not to watch any real paranormal documentaries as that seems to help bring them back.

I believe an old bed set I had as a child may have brought them about, it was an antique bed wardrobe mirror and drawers set.

While sleeping in that bed I heard whispering in my ear,I would feel a floating sensation and would try to reach for my bedroom door then feel a jolt like I was thrown back in bed.

One night whispers where in my ear and my lamp turned on I was in the state of half asleep and heard myself saying turn off the lamp , not expecting a reply I heard, I can't I'm a ghost. I jolted awake. I tried to have an open mind but scared at the same time.

Years later after getting rid of my single bed wow did I sleep much better.

When I moved out of home into my own house with my now husband I didn't think anything of it.

But things started getting weird whispers and felt touches on me, I sometimes get pulling on my legs but as long as I pray they go away.

I have children now 3 girls ages 7,5 and 7 weeks old. One day my eldest daughter then 6 told me that she heard a voice asking her to go stand in the shower but my daughter said no. Then my daughter told me the voice would not stop so she said she tricked the voice by standing up out of bed then she just went back to bed. She told me the next day and my eldest does not make stories up.

I then realised that my old clothes drawer I had brought with me the one that belongs to the antique set and it's in her room. I prayed with my daughter and hasn't happened again.

Though just a year ago I had a strange thing happen, having girls it's not strange for me to get a mum and tap on my shoulder in the middle of the night. This particular night I got a tap on my shoulder and as I turened I was saying yes Charlotte (my then 4 year old) no one was there. I was instantly in full waking mode. Then from outside my bedroom door I heard a girls voice giggaling, so naturally thought my girls where out there, as I investigated I found no one was there, so checked in on them in there beds and they where sound asleep. I believe that whatever it is can't hurt me but I pray before I go to bed.


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