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Of course we have our line-up for the next few years for the DC movies, and even though they look incredible DC has been brewing something even better that reeks of awesomeness.

And that is? The DC Shared Television Universe

It all started with Arrow

It gained popularity since its first season, and now at the end of it's second season we gained news that the Flash was also coming to the CW.

Now these shows have had several episodes were they crossed over, and helped each other out. Fans and critics loved this since they had completely polar opposite personalities.

Now that Arrow is done with it's third season, and The Flash almost done with it's first we have been getting a lot of news on upcoming shows.

For example we recently learned that we were getting another show from CW.

Yes! The Legends of Tomorrow. Doesn't this show look awesome? And it puts the focus on stars that I have loves on the Arrow and Flash that have not gotten as much screen time as I felt they should have. This show includes the Atom, White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold and his amigo, and this show also introduces us to Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter.

Why does that matter though?

Well these characters are connected to multiple other DC characters.

For example of Rip Hunter is actually the son of popular DC hero Booster Gold.

So could we see Booster Gold on Legends of Tomorrow or any DC show for that matter any time soon?

Of course with the introduction of Hawkgirl fans are wondering if they will see Hawkman any time soon.

Recently the trailer came out for another DC show which will be interconnected with our universe. Supergirl is coming to us soon!

Now if you haven't seen the trailer avoid this next part. What's great about this show is that not only does it introduce us to Supergirl but it also has already established Superman in the Arrow/Flash universe.

So we know for a fact that Supergirl will team with these guys, but could Superman appear in this universe?

Again just a note it obviously won't be the Superman we know in the DC movie universe.


Stephen Amell recently confirmed in an interview that the DC universe is growing and there has been a lot of talk of bring Constantine into the Universe. I would love this, and I know fans of the show would love to see him team up with the Flash, Arrow etc...

Hal Jordan, Batman and Nightwing

We have recently been given some information regarding the involvement of Hal Jordan in the DC TV Universe. In the last episode of the Flash our hero along with his supporting ensemble came to a strip on Ferris Air, which had been closed down. Two important things with this, one Hal worked at Ferris Air, two he disappears when he gets the ring.

So could we see Hal Jordan introduced into our universe?


Again we have Gotham.

This is the show that leads us to Batman becoming Batman, so this show could go on, and we see the older version of the Batman appear on Arrow/Flash. Fans would flip out, and I would love it.

Night Wing

Again another up and coming show in the works. I believe that we will probably here about this at the end of next year. Either way I'm exciting!

So what do you think is this universe awesome?


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