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So I caught the midnight screening of X-Men: First Class at the Thursday midnight screening, and let me just say I had very high expectations!!! Kick Ass was surprisingly dark, original, and blew my expectations out the water. Once I saw this movie I had to find out who directed it..and at last I discovered the new and upcoming director Matthew Vaughn. I learned that he worked with Guy Ritchie on different projects which definitely peaked my interest and also explained his casting. So when I heard that he was directing this movie, I was instantly excited than..I saw the casting.... Immaculate!! I have to admit before I saw the movie "Wanted", I had no idea who James Mcavoy was...but I knew for a movie with an actor co-staring with Angelina Jolie...that he had to be legit. He turned out to be quite a delightful new actor that infiltrated my radar. So after learning that he was playing Professor X, I was totally fucking stoked!!! Then to top it off, Magneto was being played by Michael Fassbender from the movie 300, I just knew this was a classic in the making, not to mention a little Kevin Bacon sprinkled on top. I think January Jones did an excellent job as Emma Frost, Ive always been a fan of her, even before she starred in "Mad Men", which I still have yet to check out. Fro all the comic nerds who are all mad that they did not stick directly to the comics, remember this was produced by Byran Singer, who did the first two. the studio wants to keep all the x-men movies in the same world. So Mr. Vaughn could only do so much without contradicting what has happened in the previous X-men movies. Micheal Vaughn made the movie as dark as he could with a pg-13 movie. Sure there are some corny lines in the movie, but lets not forget this is a movie about mutants that are young and in their teenage years, some tackiness has to come into play at some point. Overall Jsmes Mcavoy plays one of the best younger Professor X's ever, his mannerisms, word play, his demeanor, and whole attitude is so similar to Patrick Stewart, it's uncanny. Its a refreshing X-Men with a refreshing director, till I see Green Lantern and Captain America, it is by far my favorite comic movie so far this summer...I give it a guaranteed must watch!!!


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