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Well apparently Ms. Fox is an ungrateful bitch. It seems to be the cool thing in Hollywood to "diss" Micheal Bay. Say what you want about the guy but he knows how to make a blockbuster film, and make millions from every movie he makes.. Some directors are gifted in writing...editing, scoring, and so on and so on...Basically each director has their own niche. Micheal Bay's forte seems to be special effects and he is damn good at it, so good that Spielberg has got his back all day. To me Spielberg is to Bay, what Bay is to JJ Abrams. I mean when it comes down to it, can you name one Micheal Bay movie that has flopped? Didn't think so....So he pubically announced that the reason Fox was not in the third movies was due to Spielberg demanding she be fired. Micheal Bay was ok with being compared to Hitler....Stevo didn't take as well, after all he did direct Schlinders List....Just sayin...


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