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Ok so let me just start by saying I saw this movie at the midnight screening on Wednesday, May 25th like I had originally posted. Well I had a few drinks before the show, not to mention I smuggled a few in while I was at it. However I was convinced that was completely sober enough to be buzzed and still remember the movie. Well it had not occurred to me that I had taken two Xanax earlier that day, I'm not joking folks. I can't believe the irony of this, but I literally woke up with absolutely no recollection of the movie what so ever!! I could barely recall the previews!! This wasn't really an intentional thing at all, I mean I do take Xanax quite often, but the mixture of liquor definitely took my memory far far away like Mel Gibson's career. Never the less I had to watch it over again, but before I did that; I actually watched X-Men's First Class before I got to to see the movie again, which I will get into on the next review.

So let's talk Hangover 2.......hmmmmmm. Well let me say this, I came in with low expectations of this movie. I felt like it was rushed and just did not like the whole Thailand idea or as Alan likes to say "Thighland". Todd Phillips is someone I respect and admire as a comedic director. I think he is great at picking what actors to portray for what part when it comes to ensemble cast. I always enjoy the scoring of his movies and look forward to the soundtrack. I can honestly say I have absolutely enjoyed every movie he has ever made with the exception of School for Scoundrels, which was still pretty decent. I also have to mention that I'm a little bitter that they could never make an Old School sequel after 18 years....holy shit it has been 18 years?!?! Anyways....yet he can make a sequel to Hangover in 2? Todd Phillips usually is wise with his decisions and doesn't usually succumb to the millions the producers might throw his way, but as the Hangover 2 proves, everybody has a price including the actors who all returned knowing they weren't dealing with the same magic as the first. That being said...this still was a hilarious and entertaining film. The hype from he the first one is what kills it.....maybe if it was called "One Night in Bangkok" we would think differently. Like I mentioned earlier this movie was rushed and there is certain movies that you just know cannot be out done by the sequel. They follow the same path as first, just basically a different setting. Todd Phillips was not involved in the writing of the first one, yet he co-wrote the sequel. The sequel definitely takes the shock value to the next level, I don't know if they thought they had to do this to to out-do the first one or Todd Phillips is just a sick comedic perv and his input came in to play. Either way it is was worth the watch, but just don't expect it to be as as refreshing as the first!


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