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Well we all say how can ya out do the Heath Ledger's performance in Chris Nolans' trilogy of Batman films???....With out a doubt he made that move an incredible classic...but was he the only reason the franchise, led by Nolan's direction, is the only reason it has been successful?? As much as a Ledger fan that I am...I would probably give my my left nut to see Heath reprise his role as the joker in the third film as Nolan intended to do.....Get over's not happening. So what's a genius writer/director to do? I mean the man has to change his game plan up, and go a whole another direction? The dude was thrown a curve ball, but can he see it coming and hit the hell out of that ball and give it a grand slam? Yeah I think so...the man has an immaculate record...every movie he has made has been a classic, with "Insomnia" being his lowest point in his movie career, which was still in my opinion, an amazing film. I mean the man is still 6 for 6...My only problem with Chris Nolan is I think that he think that he can up with these great ideas for movies, but doesn't know how to finish them, so he lets the viewer decide. Which to me, entails laziness on his part. He usually only tends to do this with movies that he comes up with. So that excludes that Batman films...Either way, the man is a genius and I respect his privacy when it comes to his films. Whats wrong with a lil curiosity? Trailers for films give to much info as it is....just sayin! His talent for picking actors who fit the the parts of their character is quite remarkable, he has an eye for casting actors for certain parts with out a doubt. I'm extremely happy that he gave Joseph Gordon Levitt a chance to be in his overly hyped movie "Inception', but I'm even more happy that he recognized his talent and has chosen him to be in the third installment of the Batman franchise. JGL in my opinion will be one of the best actors of all time. I see so much potential in this guy and I respect his pride and integrity for his selection of movies. He takes his craft very seriously. When I found out he would not be playing the Riddler in the TDKR, I was highly disappointed, but yet I knew Nolan would not let this guy slip under his radar, and eventually gave him an intricate part in the film playing another character. Gary Oldman has already stated this movie will trump the previous two, and Gary doesn't just talk out of his ass..Chris Nolan knows that the pressure to make a movie as a good as TDK, is so valuable...That if it ends poorly, it very well could be extremely detrimental to his career or for that matter to his credentials. In my opinion, Nolan would have just quit with the whole thing if he felt like he did not have a suffice enough script to compete with its predecessor. Therefore I believe with the incredible cast of Bale, Oldman, Hardy, Hatheway(yeah go ahead and doubt her just like y'all did ledger and see who comes out winning). Nolan is no idiot and has always casted excellence, and would not jeopardize his legacy with some floozie who the studio's wanted, with the exception of Katie Holmes....The man knows what he is doing and knows that Hathaway has the capability of pulling this off. Some may argue that there are to many characters for one film, well folks this will be the last Nolan Batman movie so be glad he is giving the audience the most he can. Do not confuse Nolan with Rami nor Spiderman with Batman, Nolan will make this work and you will kneel once you see the final chapter of the best comic book movie legacy of all time...


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