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Well I know that all you lil bloggers and geeks...nerds...losers...ect... hate Michel Bay....well...I respect the man's talent to make a good action movie. I don't go into a Bay film expecting Oscar worthy script writing...I expect shitloads of action and an entertaining time....Well Micheal Bay is obviously tired of the shit talking, because he took it to the next level with this one..I was never a huge Transformers fan, never really dug the cartoon, and quite honestly never really dug the first two films. That being said, this movie was worth the 10 dollars( matinee prices may I mention) to watch. The visuals are simply amazing, it gives Avatar an incredible run for its money. I'm a fan of Shia Labeouf, no matter how much of tool bag I think he may be, the dude is an excellent actor and takes his job seriously. It sucked not having Megan fox in the last installment, but wow...they found an adequate replacement...It just goes to show you in matter how good you look or how big your buzz might are replaceable, and that's exactly what they did, and they did it with the utmost slap in the face matter you could do it in. She is mentioned maybe two to three times in the film and they were actually polite when one of the auto bots referred to her as mean. They basically just made her character as if she never even really existed, as if her character was just a small part of the franchise, making Tyrese's character seem valuable....and that's baddddddd. No disrespect to "Baby Boy", but I'm just sayin...The movies story line actually had substance and actually made sense with few plot holes. If you you could go either way this movie, like myself; Then I say this...If you are going to watch this movie, don't waste your money watching it on dvd, this is a must see movie for 3D. Whether you hate the movie or not, give yourself more bang for the buck!! And watch it in theaters...If you think your to cool to go to the theater to watch it cause you don't care about the movie, but yet you will pay money to rent it; Than my friend...your not doing yourself any favors...Let me repeat this.......This is a must see movie for theaters!! In fact I would not watch it any other give it a try in theaters, and if you don't see it by then.....and your not a die hard fan...Than just don't bother seeing it at all. To sum it up this is the best transformers movie out of the three, hands down.


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