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Well hey there my good folks and fans of the film world, this is officially our first post! And we just like to say we are absolutely thrilled with what is hopefully the beginning of something amazing. To give you a little info on us, we are all apart of the film industry in one way or another; whether it be acting, writing, producing, or directing, we cover all angles. We started this site out of our passion and love for film, but not only that, we want to share the love of the the interest in film . This blog will consist of several things; providing information on upcoming movies, along with certain information on certain actors or certain films, we will be doing movie reviews and just basically our opinion on certain actors and films. If your wondering why there is a picture of Will Ferrell above this post, we felt it just seemed prudent at the time, for he is one of our favorites, and we kind of seem to like that humor. Hope you guys enjoys this site and please feel free comment anytime, its ok to disagree, but it'd be cool if ya did it in the most positive way. Well friends I'm off to catch the midnight Screening of The Hangover part 2, I felt like this movie was rushed and maybe I'm bitter that Todd Phillips, the director of both movies, could not give Old School the same kind of treatment. Either way I'm going in with low expectations but with high hopes, if that makes any sense....Take care folks and will have the review by sometime tomorrow.


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