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When I walked out of the theater, I was mind blown... Mad Max Fury Road was the first BEAUTIFUL film I've ever seen in 2015. It combine action, crazy stunts, REAL EXPLOSIONS, dystopian future, and humanity.

Mad Max Fury Road tells us the story about Max Rockatansky, a wastelander in the future post apocalyptic world, trying to help 5 breeding slave (I don't know the right term) to escape ruthless tyrant ruler of Citadel, Immortan Joe. Here, we got a bad ass female protagonist, Imperator Furiosa, who released these 5 breeding slaves in the first place, leading them to a safe location called Green Place.

Damn, this is how you do a Dystopian Movie, not with those young adult dystopian bullshit, but this... Oh hell what a film, what a lovely film. At first (before watching this film), i was quite unsure how George Miller was going to do it, I mean, by looking at the premise, it sounds like it was going to be boring. But after seeing 98 % rating reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, i watched it at a local cinema. And damn, i was dead wrong

The action was TERRIFIC, damn it will probably be the best action movie in 2015. The performance by Tom Hardy was awesome, but Nicholas Hoult and Charlize Theron rules the screen. Damn they are the amazing, and i LOVED it. Immortan Joe was also amazing ( I don't know who played it.. sorry).

Now let's get to the story. As i said, the premise was simple, but the way the Director expand such a simple premise into an amazing movie have to be praised. This movie was about Humanity, or what's left in it, about hope, and how hope can be so depressing, about failure, about lost hope, and about GOD DAMN ACTION. This movie, is definitely worth watching, and WORTH DOUBLE WATCHING, i think i have to see it again..


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