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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gone at hype. [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) has released and blown off my mind. Since I have watch Avengers: Age of Ultron, I am craving and cannot sleep at night because I am thinking what will be happen next? How will Civil War be caused? What will be role of Spider-Man? and many other questions.

Well then, I have over viewed all the movie title and made theory which will definitely make you feel awesome. Starting from

Ant Man (2015)

Ant-Man will most likely just introduce characters related to Ant-Man but the movie will set a stage for Civil War. Scott Lang will most likely cause more destruction to United States Economy which will lead to Civil War. General Ross might show up in this film who will represent Superhero Registration Act. Maybe General Ross is the one who imprison Scott Lang before released by Hank Pym. This will bring Ross hatred against Scott.

Rumors are there that Agent Carter, Howard Stark, young Alexander Pierce and young Zola. This will bring more interest in the movie. Might be it will also revealed that Hydra is still under control Red Skull who is still alive.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Civil War will caused due to all actions done by heroes from phase 2. From Mandarin bombings to Ultron attack. The government will get fed up from this destruction and will finally agree to General Ross for Superhero Registration Act. In which super heroes have to act as government agents.

At first, Tony Stark will deny about SRA but later on, when he learns that Winter Soldier has killed his father then he agrees on SRA. He joins with general Ross and tries to convince Captain America and the new avengers. But Captain America doesn't agree. The new avengers will leave Captain america and join as government agents. This will cause Civil War.

I don't know how spider-man will fit in this movie, he might came up as cameo.

The movie will introduce Time infinity stone. Baron Zemo will possess time stone given by Red Skull who is with Thanos. In the end, Crossbones will given order to kill Steve Rogers by time stone to trap inside time just like comics. By stuck inside time, he will gain knowledge how infinity stones are created.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange will already become supreme magician but his origin story (which will most likely shown as flashback) will be before iron man origin. The movie will introduce soul gem. The movie will very different from previous movies. The character related to Doctor Strange will be introduce.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok will most likely introduce Enchantress. The whole movie will be like Thor versus Loki. At the end of the movie Thanos will appear to get another infinity gauntlet from asgard. But Thor will broke it. which will force Thanos to set for get the infinity stones. Thor will be captured in colllecter's prison and thanos will gain aether and tesseract. And head for the guardians for the galaxy.

the rest will be in another post, please leave comments below. Thank you for reading


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