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When me and my family of four moved house my mother realised she was pregnant with my little brother so my two brothers were sharing the room at the top of the house an I was having the room on the middle floor to my self.A few months into the new house I heard noises downstairs I never told anyone about them just thought it was normal but when my mum got pregnant again with my little sister I could see people who didn't look human. I didn't tell anyone because I was about 5-6 at this point but I can remember everything to detail of what happened in my room one night. My dad left my door open one night it was summer an my rum was boiling. I was fast asleep my room was pitch black and I seen a old ugly looking lady who was really small she kept pointing at me saying my name "Hollie" and I can remember sleepwalking the night before an I fell down the stairs she said "did you see me Hollie my friends are coming to take you back where you belong Hollie" I just remember crying an my dad rushed in saying Hollie what's wrong an I was just screaming help their coming am crying.


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