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Hi everyone!

My name is David and this is my first post. Let's start!

I've always tried to combine my two passions: cinema and illustration. I'm a great lover of cinema (I even have my own blog [in Spanish], in case you want to take a look:, and I felt predilection for drawing since I was little. Like all children, I suppose, only in my case I never stopped drawing.

This has led me to make illustrations like the one illustrated in this post.

I've always admired illustrated posters that were once made for movies. And like many, Drew Struzan is, among others, one of my favorite illustrators in this field. His work is amazing.

I don't have his talent, but my intention is to try to honor those kind of posters and artists, with my drawings. And it is now time to show you the first one.

"Mad Max: Fury Road" has just been released in theaters (both in USA and in my country, Spain). Still haven't seen the movie, but from everything I've read about it, I'm sure that I'll like it. This is the fan poster I made a few weeks ago on the occasion of its release. It took about five hours to complete, and is one of the drawings of which I'm most proud of, so I hope you like it too.

Gradually I'll publish my work. Not everything will fan posters, but the theme is always (or almost always) film.

My English isn't very good (did you notice?), but I encourage you to leave your opinions in the comments. I'll be happy to read them, and if necessary, using a translator. ;)


PS: Thanks to Charlotte for inviting me to be part of this community.


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