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Hey guys, well, i am back but this time with an appropriate theory!

As far as Civil War is concerned is concerned, it can possibly end in 2 ways and this predictions is based on marvel's theory itself.


We all are aware of this plot where Tony Stark aka Iron Man are against each other and both have teams of their own ( Pro Registration led by Stark & Anti Registration led by Cap ) which would lead to the death of Captain America..

During all these conflicts, is there a need for a villain or VILLAINS ?

Well, lets move on to plot 2...


Is it even possible that there is no villain in a marvel BLOCKBUSTER ??


Now this plot is exactly what we need,,

We can have 2 possible villains in Cap3.

#1. Crossbones

#2. Baron Zemo

Well, Cap and Stark are both mighty superheroes and if 2 deadly supervillains would be destroying the whole capital, they have to join hands and beat the shit out of the 2 villains !!

And i know y'all would be waiting for the theory ??

Well, many fans are not at all happy with the issue of cap's death.

according to me, he cant die, hell no

coz someone has said- " No one really dies "

and Marvel is an expert in using this theory, right?

No one i Marvel remains dead peeps !!!

Which plot would you want people ???


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