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When I sawed the reviews for this movie my first thought I got was "Every critic has lost their minds, even me".

The story is about a post-apocalyptic wasteland - the fight for survival has twisted the remnants of mankind, turning most into mad, vicious gangs. In this chaotic world two rebels may be able to restore order while seeking their own forms of redemption: Max, a man who just wants peace after losing his wife and child and Furiosa - who thinks finding her childhood home is the answer.

What a lovely day to be talking about Mad Max: Fury Road because the trailers and the reviews for this movie have been off the walls mad, I mean 5/5 star's wow just wow. The last Mad Max film came out in 1985 so it's a been a long time and this movie was in development for a long time as well. So I was curious and a bit shady for this movie, seeing if George Miller (The director of the original films) was going to bring to the table. Now after seeing the movie and having a long thought about it, this movie is freaking awesome, no actually this is the best action movie of the year and probably the grade.

George Miller goes back to his roots and he doesn't disappointment, after all these years later he's still got it. He filmed all the action scenes with care and effort because most of the action in this movie is practical effects and that right there shows that Miller is going back to old school action and it paid off perfectly. Awesome work George Miller.

The movie itself is mad and I mean freaking insane, The trailers don't lie. These was this one guy in the movie that was playing a electric guitar flamethrower on top of a speed vehicle and all through out the movie was rocking it out, I don't know why but little things like that made the movie so mad that it's enjoyable.

Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky was good, I mean he wasn't as good as Mel Gibson but I still think he did a great job in the movie. Most of the time Max doesn't talk all that, most of he's lines are "huh", but he has a couple of lines in the movie and it sounded epic all the time.

Charlize Theron in this movie is basically the main character of the film and Max is the supporting character and Charlize Theron was like a female version of Max in a way, because her character steels the whole show as her character is a strong female bad-ass that kicks so much ass that it's very rare in action movies today to do that. Now think of all the strong female character's in past action movies, well that's Theron character right here.

Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road
Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road

The action scenes in this movie I can best describe as incredible and also crazy. The stunt work used during the movie was pretty amazing, they used practical effects in the movie and it looked so good and much better then using computers to make something look incredible but really it looks to computer-ish, and I know they used some CG for scenes where it needed it because it would be too dangerous or impossible to do, but for the most part it's all practical effect's and THIS IS HOW ACTION MOVIES SHOULD BE DONE, THANK YOU MAD MAX FOR DOING THIS, okay I had to get that out there and sorry for shouting... but it's true.

The villain of the movie "Immortan Joe" played by Hugh Keays- Byrne and yes he was in the first Mad Max movie, but here he plays a different villain this time and a menacing one as well. He was like a mix of Dark Vader from Star Wars and Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal (Video Game). He was awesome villain that didn't take sh*t from anyone and always looked like he was going to cause trouble every time he's on screen.

Immortan Joe played by Hugh Keays- Byrne
Immortan Joe played by Hugh Keays- Byrne

The cinematography in this movie was just beautiful and some of the best looking shoots of the year. I can't believe I'm saying that for a action movie that's been in development for years and it payed off perfectly. This is very rare for this to happen as a lot of movie franchises that have been in the making for years and years would normally come out to late where every body just lost interest and give up waiting, and the movie itself would turn out not so good, but here is much different, that this movie breaks a new ground of coming out late but still being a amazing thrill ride.

The other women in the movie know as the five wives are not just there to look pretty and be saved by any man, no they kicked ass in the movie and they actually did something. The five wives were strong women and this isn't just a mans movie, I mean most of the movie is the women kicking ass and being awesome, they kick more ass then Max ever did. That's why I got to give this movie praise for that.

Now for the problems: I tried to look for things that didn't quite work for the movie and to be honest I couldn't find anything that I thought was not so good. Well there was some slow parts in the movie but the slow parts where the action clams down for now it fills it's time with character development and back story and it worked.

Overall forget Pitch Perfect 2, this is the movie you should see at cinema because as a movie reviewer myself who wants action movies to be more then turn your brain off and enjoy whatever slob mess there is on the screen, no I want a movie experience that I can look at and say "Now that's a action movie done right", and that's Mad Max for you.

Mad Max: Fury Road: Guitar man with flamethrower
Mad Max: Fury Road: Guitar man with flamethrower

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