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After getting lot of requests from many comic Fanboys to cast the whole dimond comic characters with Indian actors. I hope many people knows about shahrukh khan, priyanaka chopra , Salman khan and Amitabh bacchan but these are just a handful people believe me. Bollywood is the second largest Industry which doesn't run only upon these shoulders. (even largest in terms of number of movies every year also largest music industry in the world)

Note-: Rehman got oscar for his one of most mediocre work , the rest of his work is just mesmerizing. Shahruk and Amitabh Bacchan can eat the whole aura of screen from any other actor in the world. (example Amitabh in front of leonardo in great gatsby and shahruk said no to scorsese because he was not satisfied with his role)

so lets start with director- :

Director Vishal bharadwaj He created many masterpieces like Omkara (othello) , macbul (macbeth) , Haider ( hamlet) , 7 sins forgiven and kaminey (this can shocked torentino even in his kind of work) . He's one of the best directors in the world still quite under rated (in foreign nations ) and also won two times national award of best music director in land of Rehman and Illiyaraja . He's one of best to create the suspense based upon human behavior and the quirkiness in his direction is best. Yes he prefer dark shades in his character but an awesome knowledge to reinvent humor inside his character.

Music director A R rehman well vishal bharadwaj prefer to give music in his own movie but if you want best in the world then its AR rehman. He can easily knock out hans zimmer and John williams. This guy believes upon creating music from water drops , sea shores and wind vessels basically prefer to keep his touch wiht nature's voices.

Superman Arjun rampal Need someone who is as physically imposing and with suave looks to keep the character as convincing as possible. He's 6.3 feet tall and you are not going to complain about his muscles for sure. Best part is his voices.......Deep clear and a feel of some better species .

well perfect for clark kent
well perfect for clark kent

Aquamen hritik roshan - If you want greek god looks and want to show a hero with lots and lots of attitude problem (pic shown below doesn't justifying his looks), then he's your guy. Equally physically imposing as above one. And also a fine fine fine actor also a method actor (please dont expect daniel day lewis but still far better from many other standards).

Wonder women Deepika padukone well she's lot better than gal gadot even in acting skills or in looks or in carrying out physical tasks. height nearly about 5.10 or 5.11. princess pride, glory and warrior all will be fulfilled thanks to her fierce eyes.

Alfred Pennyworth rishi kapoor This man played romantic hero roles till his whole youth but when he came back after many years he shows such great intensity in serious kind of roles specially villains. Well he's father figure mentor kind of guy which know how to handle situation while stopping anyone to cross his lines beyond the point where return seems impossible.

here he's a villain- movie agneepath (must watch)
here he's a villain- movie agneepath (must watch)

Lux luthor Irfan He never done anything wrong not even in a frame in his life, if we talk about his acting. When he was casted in amazing spider man we all thought he was going to be Gobling and if that happened then i assured you movie will be awesome just because of his acting and persona. If you are not convinced then watch namesake or any of his movie. He's one of the best and the rarest breed of actors who never went wrong. And yes if you are going for a supervillian who has nothing "So called super" then you have to leave everything upon his acting and character understanding, this man irfan can make you love luthor more than ever before if he played and also have such intensity to surpass any act ever seen before . Some people born and then thought about acting but this one is born to act . Please don't pin prick that he's not bald or eyes not matching or skin texture just accept it and he's best for this role.

( i want to put him for joker but i suddenly remember there is someone else who even perform romance under the influence of psychological problem.....and a maniac on screen cunning , witty, charming)

lois lane kareen kapoor She's beautiful very beautiful. Quite good in performing damsel in distress kind of role and once again she's beautiful and strong enough in acting to perform a journalist with a fear to loose someone very close still have enough gravita to think about a bigger picture. Her screen presence is really strong.

cyborg JOhn abraham half tech covered half human cyborg doesn't required a lot of acting skills (of course we are not assuming the matthew macconaughey kind of drama) yes again a need to be hugely physically imposing. John abraham has best physic in bollywood and can easily carry the emotional part of back life of cyborg. he's nearly about 6.1 and actually this pic down is not showing properly what he has if we talk about physical imposition. Rest acting then even from ray fisher you can't ask "way changing" acting and offcourse some roles need to be light.

much more beefed up than this with beauty
much more beefed up than this with beauty

last but most important

Caped crusader batman Akshay kumar Its not about physical attribution to match with Ben Afflex or superman and Aquamen but its all about an attitude of a billionaire , a symbol of fear and a gravita without any power to say all those gods that you need me. Akshay kumar is the man doesn't get enough popularity like khans outside india but here in india this man can easily beat them. He's famous for his screen presence and his presence eat up the whole persona of other actor in front of him. He's one of best in the business

( want him for deadshot but the kind of person required in front for superman and Aquaman so i have chosen him , required him here more)

yes he'as everything you need in bruce wayne chrisma, charm , gloom, witty humor , losslessness and dual character attitude who fights inside devil more than the devil's outside . height above 6.1- can perform stunts like jason statham and can act like not less than bradd pitt (actually he's kind of brad here but prefer comic character more, he got the tag of biggest casanova in the history of bollywood)

and this is it

part 2 (recently updated),manual

If you want to add some more character then tell me please but i want to end this in 3-4 articles . then try to move upon marvel and Indian Epics .

i used only two elite actors from Bollywood and those are Aquaman and Batman. wait for the rest and please tell your opinion about this and visit other articles also.

one thing more are you people interested in the biggest epics in world history- MAHABHARAT AND RAMAYANA

see mahabharata can make game of thrones look like shit
and ramayana can lord of rings

please tell me more about your choices.
tell me more about what you like most and what not.


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